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#2878 Post your module requests here

Posted by Jacob_apo on 01 November 2016 - 12:11 PM in Module Requests

View Postdarrel_jw, on 02 January 2013 - 07:41 PM, said:

I would LOVE to see Englishman's Greek concordance and Englishman's Hebrew and Chaldee concordance. I mean REALLY! Darrel

I would love to have Englishmans concordance as well. It is unlike search option. It's extremely exhaustive than simple word search in translations; its a concordance that shows all diff ways every single greek word is translated. Its best for us who cant read greek/heb but still can make sense of translator's nuances for a word.

Like there are so many diff versions of one original word like ἐδόθη of the original δίδωμι, didomi -- - this has been translated "had been given" only once out of total 31 occurrences - see http://biblehub.com/...dothe__1325.htm

#2874 Post your module requests here

Posted by Jacob_apo on 25 October 2016 - 03:48 AM in Module Requests

E.M. Zerr's Commentary plzz

#2865 Post your module requests here

Posted by Jacob_apo on 02 October 2016 - 04:42 AM in Module Requests

The New Jerusalem Bible (1985) --- also called Catholic Bible.

#2745 Post your module requests here

Posted by Jacob_apo on 07 September 2016 - 03:52 AM in Module Requests

request this book www.biblestudymanuals.net/Islam_In_Light_of_History..doc
and also http://www.moshiachontheweb.com/

#2741 Copyright Question

Posted by Jacob_apo on 25 August 2016 - 05:44 AM in theWord General Discussion & Questions

Josh. It is strange that Constable would discriminate his copyright for two different software (eSword and TW). As if TW may be a premium software for rich people like Logos. This is why I thought it may not be Constables choice to restrict TW permission to use free version. OR perhaps the paid version on TW is an older edition and the later version became public domain through biblesupport that is the reason that we are stuck with the paid version in TW. If so, then we have no ethical problem in converting and sharing the new and free version here.

Can u contact studylight to clarify this issue about all their copyright disclaimer through biblesupport on many commentaries.?

#2739 Copyright Question

Posted by Jacob_apo on 24 August 2016 - 12:19 PM in theWord General Discussion & Questions

That's what I am inferring from how studylight website is using copyright disclaimer. It is not using separate permission from each commentaries, but only using biblesupport (eSword) copyright permission as public domain for many commentaries.I think that makes sense. A free usage is clearly given to biblesupport- and it is not restricted to certain websites or softwares it is given to all, hence a it is free for all public.

If Constable is giving paid version for theWord then why should we assume that he forbids every TW user to buy paid version only and refrain from making a copy from public domain like studylight dot com is using?

#2737 Copyright Question

Posted by Jacob_apo on 21 August 2016 - 12:05 PM in theWord General Discussion & Questions

Josh, the disclaimer says text courtesy by biblesupport dot com, it means they are using the e-sword text version distribution copyright to provide it free? is that true, if so we can freely distribute it on wordmodules for same. It means if it is free on biblesupport then we can use biblesupport's permission to distribute it anywhere in any form, freely. We dont need TW paid version.

#2735 Post your module requests here

Posted by Jacob_apo on 21 August 2016 - 03:59 AM in Module Requests

View PostAuraBlu, on 13 August 2016 - 06:45 AM, said:

Post from Word.net

The HalleluYah Scriptures is a fairly recent translation that uses the original Hebrew names and places. It has removed all pagan word. In my opinion is The purest and most accurate English translation available. The HS team send bibles all over the world to people in need for FREE. However at the moment you can only read it on a hard copy book format, which is great and all, but for in depth study not so much.

For more info on this Bible watch: video.

I wrote to the HS team a few weeks ago and said this is 2016, a digital format to use in software such as theWord would be most welcome. A translation as pure as this should not be held back from current technology. Turns out there was an e-book version around 2011/2012 but the files were damaged and 'lost' - I scratched my head at that.

An e-book version can be downloaded here and here. However, the file seems to be corrupted some how, I couldn't get it to open.

This translation is the closest to the Father's intended word in my opinion, it's a unique, very special translation that deserves to be made use of in theWord software. If we could somehow get this e-book transferred into a module that would be amazing, or someone could possibly contact the HS team over at http://www.halleluyahscriptures.com and convince them to make us a Word module. The HS is generally free, but i'd be willing to pay a premium for it, despite already bought two hard copies :)

Thats sacred name cult bible for cult people. It changes the original name and acts like cult. Stop your heresy. http://www.letusreason.org/Sacname.htm

#2734 Copyright Question

Posted by Jacob_apo on 17 August 2016 - 08:25 AM in theWord General Discussion & Questions

This is what the copyright rule say

Copyright Notice
Copyright 2012, Dr. Thomas Constable. All Rights Reserved. Used by BibleSupport.com with permission.

Unauthorized translation, republishing, file duplication, website or email distribution of any portion of this copyrighted material in any form, without the express written consent of Dr. Thomas L. Constable, or his appointed representatives, is strictly forbidden. You may use these Bible study notes for your own personal study or for teaching a class. You may download a copy to your PC, print, or make paper photocopies for a class or Bible study group, but charge only the cost of copying. You may NOT make changes and attribute the Notes to Dr. Constable.

this means he has made it freely available to all just like it is available on website like this is using from biblesupport site - Just the consent from Constable is required to distribute freely.

Copyright Statement
These files are public domain.
Text Courtesy of BibleSupport.com. Used by Permission.

then why it is a paid module in theword?

#2732 An issue using Layouts in theWord

Posted by Jacob_apo on 09 August 2016 - 02:48 AM in theWord General Discussion & Questions

: how to change default font.
////You can change the default font like this:
create a new topic and before adding any content, the first you do is change the font (name and size). theWord will save that as your default for new topics from then on.///

But still if i have to paste the copied content in "text only" form instead of multiformat; which leaves all layout formatting like bold, italic. I would prefer to have same content format but if i copy mutltiformat then the text font goes back to "default" (in the same font in the content or webpage we are copying from) size 8.

#2731 Post your module requests here

Posted by Jacob_apo on 06 August 2016 - 06:13 AM in Module Requests

plz make this module of book http://www.moshiacho...RabbonimSay.pdf -- What the Rabbonim say about Moshiac by Douglas Pyle.

is it possible to extract all text data from articles posted in a website in one go- from tools like data scrapper? i have seen about some plugins. Does it work, and can we save all data in one file to create a module of it?

#2724 Post your module requests here

Posted by Jacob_apo on 02 August 2016 - 07:30 AM in Module Requests

I request - Jewish New Testament and comments of David H. Stern

found here free http://kifa.kz/eng/b...n_matfey_02.php

and any work by David Stern. His CJB,

Dr. Stern also authored the Messianic Jewish Manifesto which is now titled Messianic Judaism (discusses the history, ideology and program for Messianic Judaism) and Restoring the Jewishness of the Gospel (introduces Christians to the Jewish roots of their faith, challenges some conventional ideas, and raises some neglected questions).

Additional formats and combination deals can be found in the Jewish New Testament Publications category.