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theWord for the iPad!

There is a new app in the app store that reads theWord modules. NO conversion needed--the software reads normal theWord modules:

Author's website: http://www.holybibleanswer.com/

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ibible-study-hd/id597291980?ls=1&mt=8#

What do I like about this app?
  • It reads theWord's native modules. No format shifting or other nonsense which makes my job a LOT easier.

  • Another great thing: it supports two windows simultaneously.

  • Read the Bible with each verse on a new line (e-Sword style) or by paragraph! Very nice! There's a time and a place for each but I love the paragraph style.

  • Show verse numbers in Bible paragraph or line by line mode--or not at all.

  • Cross References from the Bible view.

  • It's Free!

I would consider this a "beta" version:
  • I've noticed the app will not read compressed modules.

  • There is no theWord Book reader--just Dictionaries, Commentaries, and Bibles.

  • The default Bible is KJV with Strongs. Another default should be just the KJV. Why? Tooltip popups show the KJV with Strong text and there's no way to show just the KJV text in a tooltip unless you have the KJV installed (without Strongs). Small issue, easily fixed by downloading the KJV without strongs.

  • No way to change the font rendering--it uses a Times New Roman style font. I would personally prefer a less ornate font, like Tahoma or similar.

  • The Bible search works great, but no way to search other module formats.

  • I like clean designs on the iPad. I'm not a fan of colored toolbars. That can't be changed. Also, when you install it, you have to "de-clutter" the look of the app slightly. Click the settings icon and remove the KJV Strongs designations and the new verse [Aa] designations (the latter really gets in the way).

Click here for pictures: http://www.wordmodul...d-for-the-ipad/

Mar 21 2013 07:52 AM
Very easy to copy your modules to this app. :)


Oct 02 2014 10:52 AM
I went to http://www.holybibleanswer.com/ but was directed to zbestway dot com
not sure if that is the correct site.

The site does not allow me to cannot create account in the fourm. I also cannot submit my question via "contact us".

Anyway, I have a problem trying to get wpnt (Wilbur Pickering New Testament) to run on my ipad.
I had WPNT installed on my computer. I copy to my ipad, but did not seems to work.
My copy of Wilbur Pickering New Testament is stored as wpnt.ntx in my computer, But the ipad apps seems to recognise only ont extension.

Oct 03 2016 02:48 PM
I am very happy that this app is available for download, but...

Wuold like a better looking UI; the current one does not showcase all that is here.

The ability to log in and have links, underlines, highlights and notes synced would simple take it beyond most other bible apps.

By when could we expect a better UI?

Oct 03 2016 02:48 PM
I am very happy that this app is available for download, but...

Wuold like a better looking UI; the current one does not showcase all that is here.

The ability to log in and have links, underlines, highlights and notes synced would simple take it beyond most other bible apps.

By when could we expect a better UI?