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Books - Newberry, Thomas - Types of the Tabernacle

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Posted 04 March 2013 - 07:53 PM

File Name: Newberry, Thomas - Types of the Tabernacle
File Submitter: James Rice
File Submitted: 04 Mar 2013
File Updated: 10 May 2014
File Category: Books
Author: Thomas Newberry
theWord Version: 3.x - 4.x
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Types of the Tabernacle outlines and discusses in great detail all of the elements of the Tabernacle. With this work you can gain a better understanding and appreciation of the excellence of God demonstrated through the Tabernacle.

About the Author

Newberry was born into a Christian household in 1811. Although little is known about his early years, it is reported that through the witness of his older sister and mother, both believers, he was born again at a young age. He eventually came into fellowship with other Christians at the Plymouth Brethren assembly on Meadow Street, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, UK. He based his decision to join with the Brethren based on his studies of Scripture, and from 1840 had devoted himself to studying the Bible not just in English but in its original languages of Hebrew and Greek.

After a number of years of serious study, Newberry published The Englishman's Bible in 1886, and it's this amongst his many other works that became his most famous legacy. He also contributed Bible teaching articles to The Witness and other Christian magazines, as well as conducting an extensive correspondence with Bible students across the world. Newberry passed away in his sleep at Weston-super-Mare on 16th January, 1901, at the age of ninety.


Oil for the Light
Spices for Anointing Oil
The Sweet Incense
God’s Holy Dwelling Place
The Ark Of The Covenant
The Propitiatory and the Cherubim
The Table Of Shewbread
The Lampstand
The Curtains of the Tabernacle
The Boards
The Bars of the Tabernacle
The Vail
The Brazen Altar or, the Altar of Burnt Offering
The Court Of The Tabernacle
The Hangings Of the Court
The Golden Altar of Incense
The Laver and its Foot
Directions for Setting up, in the Tabernacle
The Tabernacle Reared Up
The Overshadowing Cloud and the Indwelling Glory

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