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Help! I'm trying to create a module and I'm sinking.

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#1 Marvin

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Posted 09 July 2013 - 07:46 PM

I have had a book available in e-Sword in the past, The Judean Strategy. I had to pull it out but now I am in a position where I can legally distribute it again. I plan to do so in e-Sword and in The Word.

I downloaded the latest copy of The Word Importer. I have my entire book on Libra Writer, odt., format. I used WordPad to convert the book to rtf. format. I converted it with Importer and then loaded it inot my copy of The Word. The formatting is not what I would like but I think that I can live with it. The problem is that the document is so large that one will have to scroll each line from left to right to read it. How do I create it with normal sized width. Secondly, all traces of pagination is gone. Thirdly, I would like for the Table of Contents to reasonably direct one to a correct page in a reasonable amount of time even if it is by scrolling. Is there a way to accomplish that?

I think that covers my questions at the present. I'm a total novice when it comes to this sort of thing so please guide me step by step if you can. I hope that this is the correct forum to ask these questions in. Thanks in advance for any help.

Marvin Clapp

#2 Josh Bond


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Posted 10 July 2013 - 12:45 PM

It sounds like the original module was terribly formatted, with all the chapters run into one view? It also sounds like there's something going on with the lines since they are not breaking properly (maybe embedded in a table). Without seeing the module in e-Sword or theWord format, it's hard to diagnose further. But it sure sounds like there's serious module construction issues going on.

The module in theWord format should be a General Book (GBK) format. So the topics or table of contents will appear on the left side in theWord. Or you may need to create the topics or chapters. TheWord includes a built-in editor for formatting and editing the module. But before I tried to fix really broken text in a theWord module, I would probably try to get it looking write in Microsoft Word first. Then either create the e-Sword or theWord module. If you want it in e-Sword format, it makes sense to create an e-Sword module with Tooltip NT and then import into theWord.

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#3 Marvin

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Posted 10 July 2013 - 08:19 PM

Thank you. I no longer have access to Microsoft Word but I will look into the other things that you have said. This is a new world to me. When I started typing my book, one just created the table of contents at the end of the process and it was automatically put into place.

I am pretty much self taught on word processing so I learned by trouble shooting when things went wrong. Obviously I never learned about General Book format or creating topics or chapters. I will see what I can figure out.


#4 Marvin

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Posted 12 July 2013 - 08:24 AM

To Josh Bond,

Thanks once again for your help, I converted my document over to .xdoc (Microsoft Word 2007) then I converted it to Rich Text with WordPad. That didn't quite do the job so I re-loaded the Rich Text back into Libra Word. It was correctly formatted there so I saved it again in Rich Text format. Then I ran TheWord Converter on the document. I loaded it into The Word and it is formatted perfectly!

I still need to find out whether Libra Office has a General Book Format. If so, I may be able to get the Table of Contents to work. Nevertheless I am extremely pleased with the results to date.

The reason that I am avoiding Microsoft Word is that I re-read the agreement that I checked OK on when I first got it as a Teacher. If I am reading correctly, Microsoft is saying that the Student-Teacher edition of Office is not to be used for commercial purposes. Since I am making money by selling my book, The Judean Strategy, on Amazon I do not want to take the chance that this could come back and bite me in the future.

Marvin Clapp

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