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Books - Various Jewish Publications

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Posted 09 September 2014 - 01:08 PM

File Name: Various Jewish Publications
File Submitter: jaredaseltzer
File Submitted: 09 Sep 2014
File Updated: 29 Nov 2016
File Category: Books
Author: Jews (mostly)
theWord Version: 3.x - 4.x

These Jewish modules, which have been converted from e-Sword modules, are now available for TheWord.
  • Antiquities of Philo
  • Book of Enoch
  • Book of Illumination (Sepher HaBahir), Aryeh Kaplan
  • Book of Jasher
  • Book of Jubilees
  • Catechism for Jewish Children
  • Chapters_on_Jewish_Literature, Israel Abrahams
  • Guide for the Perplexed, Moses Maimonides (Rambam) (English)
  • Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends, Aunt Naomi
  • Jewish Magic and Superstition, Joshua Trachtenberg
  • Jewish Mysticism (1913)
  • Jewish New Testament Commentary, David Stern
  • Jewish People in the Time of Jesus Christ, Emil Schurer
  • Judiasm, Israel Abrahams
  • Kitzer Shulchan Aruch, Jewish Code of Rabbinic Law
  • Legends of the Jews, Louis Ginzberg
  • Mishna (English)
  • Mikra'ot Gedolot (Medieval Commentators) in Hebrew including:

    (Pseudo) Yonatan
    Sfatei Chakhamim
    Ibn Ezra
    Ba'al Haturim
    Or Hachaim
    Kli Yakar
    Da'at Zqanim
    Metsudat David
    Metsudat Tsion
    Malbim-Be'or Ha'anin
  • Path of the Just (Mesillat Yesharim), Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, (Ramchal)
  • Rashi's (Rabbi Sh'mon Yitschaki) Commentary (English) (fixed problem with searchability)
  • Studies in Zechariah, A.C. Gaebelein
  • Tales and Maxims of the Midrash
  • Talmud Bavli Soncino (Babylonian) in English
  • Talmud, Babylonian, Michael Rodkinson (English)
  • Talmud Yerushalmi (Jerusalem Talmud, English)
  • Targum of Palistine (with Targum Jerusalem) + Targums of Psalms and 4 Megillot (English)
  • Targum Onkelos (English)
  • The Law 613 commandments
  • Zohar

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