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Books - Martin Luther Bible - Word Concordance

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Posted 04 March 2017 - 04:12 AM

File Name: Martin Luther Bible - Word Concordance
File Submitter: gangs
File Submitted: 04 Mar 2017
File Updated: 04 Mar 2017
File Category: Books
theWord Version: 3.x - 4.x

This package contains a word concordance of Biblical texts for Martin Luther’s German Bible translation in PDF file format and are intended for use as additional reference tools with The Word or other similar Bible software. You can German word or any of its word form variants from a Bible text in your software into the SEARCH window of your Acrobat software to find the reference in the concordance.

The package includes concordance files for the following texts with over 1546 pages of data:
Bible - Martin Luther’s German translation of the Bible

Luther’s Bible texts in your software may contain words or word forms with initial uppercase letters, which is very frequent in modern written German. When copying and pasting such word entries into the SEARCH window of your Acrobat software, change such initial uppercase letter to its corresponding lowercase letter form in the Acrobat search window before searching. This is important to note if you copy a word entry from a text in your Bible software into the search window of your Acrobat software for correctly matching the same with word entries in the PDF concordance files. Luther’s Bible text has been continuously revised and adapted to current German language use at the time of revision in the past 500 years since the first publication of Luther’s translation of the entire Bible in 1534. This word concordance is based on the 1991 revision of Luther’s texts, and hence you should, for example, all German nouns given in initial uppercase letters in your Bible text which need to be replaced by their corresponding lowercase letters as this word concordance renders all of them in initial lowercase letters.

Word entries in the concordance files cover both word root forms as well as its respective morphological word form variants, all of which count as separate entries. Numbers in brackets following a word entry indicate its relative frequency of occurrence in the entire text body (corpus) of the text. Concordance references for each word entry are given in the form of scriptural references by name of Biblical book, chapter and verse.

PDF files are printable but are locked for making any changes to the file or copying from them. This work is licensed for personal use, but they may not be distributed by any third party nor may they be sold.

It is hoped that this work could be of some use to anyone working with Biblical texts.

Click here to download this file

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