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Commentaries - Broadus, John - Commentary on Gospel of Matthew

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Posted 11 March 2012 - 12:50 AM

File Name: Broadus, John - Commentary on Gospel of Matthew
File Submitter: Josh Bond
File Submitted: 11 Mar 2012
File Updated: 01 Jul 2016
File Category: Commentaries
Author: John Broadus
theWord Version: 3.x - 4.x

Listed as one on the top 850 Books for Biblical Expositors by the Master's Seminary, this commentary/reference guide moves expositionally through the first book of the New Testament with amazing scholarship. Broadus digs deep into 1st Century A.D., showing the manners and customs of the day. He uses the information to bring color to the Biblical story of Jesus Christ's life as recorded by Matthew. Broadus also cross references to the other three gospels and puts together a detailed and complete record of Christ's journey on earth. That should not be a surprise because Broadus wrote the first edition of the Harmony of the Gospels that his understudy, A.T. Robertson, later revised.

Broadus examines the very words in the Book of Matthew rather than paraphrasing as many other authors do. In fact, most modern authors have undoubtedly read Broadus' work on Matthew at some point and probably recently if they're writing about Matthew. Each section contains homiletical and practical application.

Additional Notes:
  • 610 pages / 3 megabytes of text (uncompressed).
  • Not futuristic on Matthew 24-25.
  • Provided in commentary and book formats. The most useful format for most will be book format.
About John Broadus
John Albert Broadus (1827-1895) was born in Virginia and was educated at the University of Virginia. A Baptist scholar, teacher and preacher, Broadus was assistant professor of Latin and Greek at the University of Virginia and as well as pastor of a Baptist church. He is called by many as the father of American expository preaching. In 1859 he became professor of New Testament Interpretation and Homiletics at the newly founded Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and served as its president from 1889 until his death.

Table of Contents
Matthew 1
-----1:1-17. The Genealogy Of Jesus Christ
----------The Genealogies Of Matthew And Luke
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----1:18-25. Jesus Born Of A Virgin Mother
----------Homiletical And Practical
Matthew 2
-----2:1-12. The Visit Of The Magi
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----2:13-18. The Flight Into Egypt
-----2:19-23. Joseph Returns From Egypt, And Makes His Home At Nazareth
----------Homiletical And Practical
----------The Youth Of Jesus
Matthew 3
-----3:1-12. Ministry Of John The Baptist
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----3:13-17. Baptism Of Jesus
----------Homiletical And Practical
Matthew 4
-----4:1-11. The Temptation
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----4:12-25. Beginning Of Our Lord's Ministry In Galilee
----------Homiletical And Practical
Matthew 5
-----Matthew 5-7. Sermon On The Mount
-----5:1-12. The Beatitudes
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----5:13-16. Influence And Responsibility Of The Subjects Of Messiah's Reign
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----5:17-26. Relation Of Christ's Mission To The Law
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----5:27-32. The Law Concerning Adultery And Divorce
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----5:33-37. Oaths
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----5:38-48. Requital Of Injuries And Love Of Enemies
----------Homiletical And Practical
Matthew 6
-----6:1-4. Good Works Without Ostentation
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----6:5-15. Good Works Without Ostentation
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----6:16-18. Good Works Without Ostentation
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----6:19-34. Single-Hearted Devotion To God, As Opposed To Worldly Aims And Anxieties
----------Homiletical And Practical
Matthew 7
-----7:1-12. Rebuke Of Censoriousness; Encouragement To Prayer; And The Golden Rule
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----7:13-29. Sermon On The Mount. Concluding Exhortations To Practice As Well As Hear And P...
----------Homiletical And Practical
Matthew 8
-----8:1-17. A Group Of Miracles
---------------I. Mat_8:2-4. Healing Of A Leper;
---------------II. Mat_8:5-13. Healing The Centurion's Servant;
---------------III. Mat_8:14-17. Healing Of Peter's Mother-In-Law,
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----8:18-9:1. Stilling The Tempest, And Healing The Demoniacs
----------Homiletical And Practical
Matthew 9
-----9:2-34. Further Miracles, With Call Of Matthew, And Discourse At Matthew's Feast
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----9:35-10:15. Mission Of The Twelve
---------------I. Mat_9:35 to Mat_10:1. Jesus Is Moved To Send Out The Twelve
Matthew 10
-----Mission Of The Twelve, Cont
---------------II. Mat_10:2-4. List Of The Twelve
---------------III. Mat_10:5-15. Instructions To The Twelve
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----10:16-11:1. Further Instructions To The Twelve
---------------I. Mat_10:16-23. They Must Be On Their Guard Against Coming Persecution
---------------II. Mat_10:24-33. Encouragement To The Persecuted
---------------III. Mat_10:34-39. Persecution Is Inevitable
---------------IV. Mat_10:40-42. Those Who Do Not Persecute, But Receive And Aid Them, Shall...
----------Homiletical And Practical
Matthew 11
-----Further Instructions To The Twelve, Cont
-----11:2-19. Message From John The Baptist, And Resulting Discourse
---------------I. Mat_11:2 f. The Message
---------------II. Mat_11:4-6. The Answer
---------------III. Mat_11:7-15. Testimony Of Jesus To His Forerunner
---------------IV. Mat_11:16-19. But Both John And Jesus Are Rejected
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----11:20-30. Upbraiding The Impenitent Cities, And Inviting The Heavy Laden
----------Homiletical And Practical
Matthew 12
-----12:1-21. Jesus Is Accused Of Breaking The Sabbath
---------------I. Mat_12:1-8. The Disciples Pluck Ears Of Grain On The Sabbath
---------------II. Mat_12:9-13. Healing The Withered Hand On The Sabbath
---------------Mat_12:14-21. Plot To Destroy Jesus, And His Withdrawal
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----12:22-37. The Blasphemy Against The Spirit
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----12:38-50. Two Other Cases Of Opposition To Jesus
---------------I. Mat_12:38-42. The Scribes And Pharisees Ask A Sign
---------------II. Mat_12:43-45. Jesus Illustrates The Consequences Of Neglecting His Teachings
---------------III. Mat_12:46-50. His Mother And Brethren Try To Speak To Him
----------Homiletical And Practical
Matthew 13
-----13:1-23. First Great Group Of Parables.
---------------I. Mat_13:3-9. The Parable Of The Sower
---------------II. Mat_13:10-17. Reasons For Speaking In Parables
---------------III. Mat_13:18-23. Interpretation Of The Parable Of The Sower
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----13:24-43. The Tares, The Mustard-Seed, The Leaven
---------------I. Mat_13:24-30. The Parable Of The Tares Given
---------------II. Mat_13:31-33. Parables Of The Mustard Seed And The Leaven
---------------III. Mat_13:34 f. A Prediction Of Speaking In Parables
---------------IV. Mat_13:36-43. Interpretation Of The Parable Of The Tares
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----13:44-53. The Hid Treasure, The Pearl, The Net
---------------I. Mat_13:44. The Parable Of The Hid Treasure
---------------II. Mat_13:45 f. Parable Of The Pearl Of Great Price
---------------III. Mat_13:47-50. Parable Of The Net
---------------IV. Mat_13:51-53. Conclusion Of The Discourse
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----13:54-58. Jesus Visits His Own Country
----------Homiletical And Practical
Matthew 14
-----14:1-12. Jesus Is Supposed To Be John The Baptist Risen From The Dead. Account Of John'...
---------------I. Mat_14:1 f. Herod Supposes Jesus To Be John The Baptist Risen From The Dead
---------------II. Mat_14:3-12. Imprisonment And Death Of John The Baptist
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----14:13-36. Jesus Feeds The Five Thousand, And Walks Upon The Water
---------------I. Mat_14:13-21. In A Desert Place He Feeds The Multitude
---------------II. Mat_14:22-33. Jesus Walks Upon The Water
---------------III. Mat_14:34-36. After Feeding The Five Thousand, Jesus Revisits The Plain ...
----------Homiletical And Practical
Matthew 15
-----5:1-20. Jesus Disregarding Tradition
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----5:21-28. Jesus Withdraws To Phoenicia
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----15:29-16:4. Jesus Feeds The Four Thousand, Southeast Of The Lake, And Returns To Galilee
Matthew 16
-----Jesus Feeds The Four Thousand, Southeast Of The Lake, And Returns To Galilee, Cont
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----16:5-20. Jesus Withdraws To The Neighbourhood Of Cesarea Philippi. Peter's Great Confes...
---------------I. Mat_15:5-12. Conversation On The Way
---------------II. Mat_16:13-20. Peter's Great Confession, And Our Lord's Signal Response
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----16:21-28. Jesus Begins To Foretell His Death
----------Homiletical And Practical
Matthew 17
-----17:1-13. The Transfiguration
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----17:14-21. Jesus Heals The Epileptic Boy
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----17:22-27. Returning To Galilee, Jesus Again Foretells His Death. He Pays The Temple Tax
----------Homiletical And Practical
Matthew 18
-----18:1-14. The Subjects Of The Messianic Reign Must Be Childlike
---------------I. Mat_18:1-4. The Subjects Of The Messianic Reign Must Be Childlike
---------------II. Mat_18:5-9. These Lowly Subjects Of Messiah Should Be Kindly Received, An...
---------------III. Mat_18:10-14. These Lowly Christians Must Not Be Despised
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----18:15-35. How To Deal With A Brother Who Has Wronged Us
---------------I. Mat_18:15-20. Efforts To Win Back A Brother Who Has Sinned
---------------II. Mat_18:21-35. Readiness To Forgive A Brother Who Has Wronged Us
----------Homiletical And Practical
Matthew 19
-----19:1-12. Departure From Galilee. Instructions As To Divorce
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----19:13-15. Little Children Are Brought To Jesus For His Blessing
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----19:16-22. The Rich Young Ruler
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----19:23-20:16. Hard For The Rich To Be Saved. Reward Of Sacrifices For Christ's Sake
---------------I. Mat_19:23-26. Hard For The Rich To Be Saved
---------------II. Mat_19:27-30. Jesus Promises Reward To Those That Have Left All For His Sake
Matthew 20
-----Reward Of Sacrifices For Christ's Sake, Cont
---------------III. Mat_20:1-16. Parable Of The Labourers Who Received The Same Reward
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----20:17-28. Jesus Again Foretells His Death And Resurrection. Ambitious Request Of Ja...
---------------I. Mat_20:17-19. Jesus A Third Time Foretells His Death And Resurrection,
---------------II. Mat_20:20-28. Ambitious Request Of The Mother Of James And John
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----20:29-34. Two Blind Men Healed Near Jericho
----------Homiletical And Practical
Matthew 21
-----21:1-11. The Triumphal Entry
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----21:12-17. Cleansing The Temple
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----21:18-22. The Barren Fig-Tree
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----21:23-32. The Rulers Question Christ's Authority, And Are Rebuked
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----21:33-46. Parable Of The Wicked Husbandmen
----------Homiletical And Practical
Matthew 22
-----22:1-14. Marriage Of The King's Son
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----22:15-46. Question And Answer In The Temple
---------------I. Mat_22:15-22. The Pharisees And Herodians Ask About Tribute To Cesar
---------------II. Mat_22:23-33. The Sadducees Ask As To The Resurrection
---------------III. Mat_22:34-40. A Lawyer Asks Which Is The Great Commandment
---------------IV. Mat_22:41-46. Jesus Questions The Pharisees As To David's Son And Lord,
----------Homiletical And Practical
Matthew 23
-----23:1-12. Warnings Against The Scribes And Pharisees
---------------I. Mat_23:2-4. The Scribes And The Pharisees Do Not Practice What They Teach
---------------II. Mat_23:5-7. The Scribes And The Pharisees Are Ostentatious
---------------III. Mat_23:8-12. Christ's Disciples Must Not Be Like The Scribes And Pharisees
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----23:13-39. Woes Denounced Upon The Scribes And Pharisees
---------------I. Mat_23:13. [1] They Shut The Kingdom
---------------II. Mat_23:15. They Proselyte With Wrong Aims
---------------III. Mat_23:16-22. By Foolish Distinctions They Excuse The Violation Of Oaths
---------------IV. Mat_23:23 f. Scrupulous As To Minor Matters, But Neglecting Great Moral D...
---------------V. Mat_23:25 f. Caring For Outward Purification Rather Than For True Morality.
---------------VI. Mat_23:27 f. They Are Whited Sepulchres.
---------------VII. Mat_23:29-36. They Resemble Their Wicked Ancestors, Who Slew The Prophets
---------------VIII. Mat_23:37-39. A Mournful Apostrophe To Jerusalem
Matthew 24
-----24:1-36. Destruction Of Jerusalem And Coming Of Christ
---------------I. Mat_24:4-14. Misleading Signs
---------------II. Mat_24:15-28. One Great Sign At Jerusalem;
---------------III. Mat_24:29-31. Signs In Heaven
---------------IV. Mat_24:32-36. These Signs Will Suffice To Show
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----24:37-25:13. Watch Continually For The Coming Of Christ
---------------I. Mat_24:37-44, Watch, For He Will Come Unexpectedly
---------------II. Mat_24:45-51. Let His Coming Find You A Good Servant And Not An Evil One
Matthew 25
-----Watch Continually For The Coming Of Christ, Cont
---------------III. Mat_25:1-13. Parable Of The Ten Virgins
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----25:14-30. Be Ready To Give Account At The Coming Of Christ
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----25:31-46. Judgment Scene At The Coming Of Christ,
----------Homiletical And Practical
Matthew 26
-----26:1-16. Our Lord's Death Approaching. The Supper At Bethany
---------------I. Mat_26:1-5. Our Lord's Death Approaching
---------------II. Mat_26:6-13. The Supper At Bethany
---------------III. Mat_26:14-16. Judas Proposes To Deliver Jesus To The Chief Priests,
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----26:17-35. The Passover Meal And The Lord's Supper
---------------I. Mat_26:17-19. The Disciples Prepare For The Passover Meal
---------------II. Mat_26:20-25. While Eating The Passover, Jesus Declares That One Of The T...
---------------III. Mat_26:26-30. The Lord's Supper
---------------IV. Mat_26:31-35. Our Lord Foretells The Dispersion Of The Twelve, And The Fa...
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----26:36-56. The Agony In Gethsemane And The Arrest Of Jesus
---------------I. Mat_26:36-46. The Agony In Gethsemane
---------------II. Mat_26:47-56. Jesus Delivered Up By Judas, And Seized By The Soldiers
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----26:57-68. Jesus Sentenced By The Sanhedrin
---------------II. Mat_26:59-63 a. Vain Attempts To Convict Jesus By False Witness
---------------III. Mat_26:63-66. Jesus Is Condemned Upon His Own Testimony
---------------IV. Mat_26:67 f, Jesus Spit Upon, Buffeted, And Mocked
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----26:69-75. The Fall Of Peter
----------Homiletical And Practical
Matthew 27
-----27:1-10. Jesus Formally Sentenced And Delivered To Pilate. Suicide Of Judas
---------------I. Mat_27:1 f. The Formal Meeting Of The Sanhedrin
---------------II. Mat_27:3-10. The Sad Fate Of Judas
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----27:11-31. Jesus Tried By Pilate
---------------I. Mat_27:11-14. Pilate Finds No Grounds Of Condemnation
---------------II. Mat_27:15-18. Pilate Attempts To Release Jesus
---------------III. Mat_27:19. Message From Pilate's Wife
---------------IV. Mat_27:20-23. The People Choose Barabbas Rather Than Jesus
---------------V. Mat_27:26. Jesus Delivered To Be Crucified
---------------VI. Mat_27:27-31. Jesus Mocked By The Soldier, And Led Away To Be Crucified
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----27:32-56. Crucifixion Of Jesus
---------------I. Mat_27:32-34. He Is Led To The Place Of Crucifixion, And Refuses The Stupe...
---------------II. Mat_27:35-38. He Is Crucified Between Two Robbers
---------------III. Mat_27:39-44. On The Cross He Is Mocked And Reviled
---------------IV. Mat_27:45-50. He Cries Out In The Darkness, And Dies
---------------V. Mat_27:50-55. Portents Following His Death, And The Effects
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----27:57-66. Jesus Buried And Remaining In The Tomb
---------------I. Mat_27:57-61 The Burial
---------------II. Mat_27:62-66. The Sepulchre Sealed And Guarded
----------Homiletical And Practical
Matthew 28
-----28:1-15. The Resurrection Of Jesus
---------------I. Mat_28:1-4. Certain Devout Women Find The Stone Rolled Away From The Sepul...
---------------II. Mat_28:5-7. An Angel Tells Them That Jesus Is Risen
---------------III. Mat_28:8-10. Jesus Meets Them As They Hasten Away
---------------IV. Mat_28:11-15. False Report By Some Of The Guard
----------Homiletical And Practical
-----28:16-20. Jesus Appears To The Disciples And Gives Them A Commission

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