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In Topic: The time we live in here in the USA

09 April 2021 - 02:11 PM

Aaron, this is Jim. I want to thank you for your bold and truthful comments, it is good to see the Holy Spirit is speaking to believers all over the world, some are not ready to hear yet but they will hear in the end! In my local area a pastor has very recently noticed how quickly things are changing and that group is starting to plan how it will operate underground! This has nothing to do with being from a certain party and everything to do with the way our government has been heading under both parties for years!

I hope to encourage you to keep on trusting in the Lord Jesus, and to grow nearer to Him as the days ahead grow darker as the as a country we pull further away from God! This is a great time to bee praying for those that will hear His voice in these hard times and repent and believe in Jesus! I see no indication we will do this as a country as individual believers and unbelievers I have great hopes this will happen.

Trust in Him and have patience and we will endure these hard times!

Thanks so much for the words of encouragement and please pray with me and my wife for our brother that sees things so differently andalso that if what he said is true that God would reveal it to us as He has to him!

You brother brother in Christ!

Jim VanSchoonhoven

In Topic: Looking to pay for personal module creation of my personal resources.

26 March 2021 - 10:43 PM

Wow what a great post!!! You have some really great thoughts you shared with us. I have over a 1000 pdf files that I use to supplement theWord program. They are very useful, not as useful as they would be in TheWord but very useful still. I am disabled and could not afford them in Logos and to be honest I can not remember how to us Logos any more due to my brain damage. I can still use TheWord and I sill understand how to use pdf files! I will keep think about getting more pdf files to add to my library and hoping some day I can learn how to put them into theWord program!

It was very encouraging to see you backing ideas that I had but was not sure of!

Thanks and may you grow in your Walk with Jesus!

Your in Christ Jesus,

Jim VanSchoonhoven

In Topic: The time we live in here in the USA

26 March 2021 - 10:28 PM

Katoog thanks for your reply! I thought the topic I brought up could have a direct impact on the down loading on this sit! I really did not intend to enter in to a theological discussion rather an idea that may effect down loading the Word resource in the future.

I found your fact checking sites a very interesting list. Have you checked out their accuracy?

i hope you did not take my statements to be either for one political party or another! I apparently over stepped by my post and I will not make such a outlandish post again and I am serious about that!

My hope is that every one on this site grows in their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ!

God Bless you Katoog!

Your brother in Christ,

Jim VanSchoonhoven

In Topic: Looking to pay for personal module creation of my personal resources.

25 March 2021 - 09:35 PM

Hi My name is Jim I saw your post days ago but could not remember how to get on to post! My wife logged me on, I have brain damage and forget things all of the time! However I was really hoping many people would reply to your questions and your idea! By the way from what i hear it is a great idea. I have a number of pdf file that I own from books I owned through the years and it would be great to have them in Logos to search! I hope and will be praying that some one that knows about these things will answer your questions and reply to your post! By the way I had that same set for years in Logos and it was great! Before that I had it in bulky books and it was great then too but the usefulness went way up in the logos!

God bless and have a nice evening!

Jim VanSchoonhoven

In Topic: Advantages Of Social Media

25 February 2021 - 11:45 PM

Hi and Welcome to the site, I am not sure How you define social media? However I am not sure I would agree that the rise of what I would call social media has had much of an impact for good and godliness in my life time!

I think a man's heart has basically remained the same and is still basically in need of an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. It appears to me that social media does little to encourage such an encounter!

I see little mention of man's sinfulness and his need for a savior and very little concerning that Jesus came and died for man's sin and once He rose from the dead it demonstrated that His death paid the price to God that we owed so we did not have to pay it, instead need to have faith and believe in the Lord Jesus!

Instead social media seems to encourage a self centered life that leads away from God!

Now I am not sure I could misunderstand how you define social media and would enjoy knowing what you mean and if possible give more details on how it has changed people for the better!

I do see some things believers in Christ can use on the internet to increase their understand of God but I seldom see those things as part of social media!

This site helps me to understand more deeply what God has said to use about Himself and His Creation and it allows for me to see Him more clearly and gives me more time to talk to Him and hear His voice!

God Bless and once again welcome! Please forgive my poor language and spelling skills I do not think very well in those areas now!

Jim VanSchoonhoven