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Dictionaries - RV1909NT To AKJV Parallel Dictionary Supplement

14 September 2020 - 10:26 PM

File Name: RV1909NT To AKJV Parallel Dictionary Supplement
File Submitter: RevSteve
File Submitted: 15 Sep 2020
File Updated: 15 Sep 2020
File Category: Dictionaries
Author: RevSteve
theWord Version: 3.x - 4.x
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RV1909 New Testament Spanish Words Parallel To Excerpts From The American King James Version Supplement
This work started as my personal study Spanish NT module.
This work has excerpts of the AKJV parallel text to corresponding Spanish words.
Even though this work isn't exhaustive, the idea was to create a quick concise information source for the NT Spanish.
The excerpts I chose and how many per Spanish word entry are entirely of my own choosing.

How is this different from the Bible compare mode?
This module allows one to see several words/phrases a specific Spanish word is translated by the English text at one time.
In fact, this module can be used with the compare mode if desired or with the Spanish Bible alone.

Spanish words that occurs 20 times of less have hyperlinked bible verse references.
Most proper nouns have Strong's numbers with King James words included.

Contact me if you should find any errors so I can correct them or if you find a specific Spanish word(s) that need additional entries.
I hope this work will be a blessing to your study.

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Bibles - American Revision1, derived from the electronic (ASV1901) text with original w...

22 June 2020 - 11:35 PM

File Name: American Revision1, derived from the electronic (ASV1901) text with original words placed in footnotes.
File Submitter: RevSteve
File Submitted: 23 Jun 2020
File Updated: 14 Jan 2021
File Category: Bibles
Author: American Standard Version/ RevSteve
theWord Version: 3.x - 4.x
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American Revision1, derived from the electronic (ASV1901) text with replaced words placed in footnotes

This is a minor revision of the American Standard Version with the following modifications.
1. Replaces the Early Modern English pronouns such as thee, thou, thine, thy and ye to suggested modern equivalents.
2. Early Modern English verb endings such as eth, th, est, st are converted to suggested modern equivalents.
3. The original words that were replaced were moved to footnote status in the form of hyperlinked asterisks (*).
4. In the Old Testament, a recension of the word "Jehovah" back to all captitals "LORD" and 287 occurrences of the word "GOD" found in older traditions.
5. Since electronic ASV texts have alterations from the printed text and as such, after comparing a different Electronic ASV text (ebible.org) as well as a error report which is a notation to some of the known typos, upper/lower case, differences in punctuations used and missing words/ phrases, I made edits on the text in order to make it closer to the printed copy.
However, I made the decision to rename this bible in order to avoid the possibility of some minor differences in this text to a printed ASV text.
6. This work doesn't have the original translators footnotes or any other notes that are not the main text.
7. This work doesn't have the square brackets in the text.

The reason for this American Revision1 is to provide a translation in the traditional English but an update to the 'thee and thou' and other such older English which may keep some modern readers from benefitting from this excellent translation.

The ASV is in itself a revision of the King James and is a very literal version made for public consumption and the ASV preserves most of the traditional Bible English found in KJV.
Many verses of the ASV are verbatum to the KJV and also many others where there are only a few words in a given Bible verse that were changed.
Then to a less extent, in some verses, words/ phrases are rearranged compared to the KJV but mostly it is the same as KJV.
However, the ASV still has the older pronouns and verb endings which may keep many from using this useful Bible.

By far, the largest difference between the ASV and KJV is that the ASV follows the early Critical Texts (CT), such as Wescott&Hort.
The (CT) generally has the shorter Bible verses as well as about 16 verses that are left blank (NT) compared to the KJV/TR.
It must be pointed out that the ASV follows the KJV very closely a very large majority of the time
However, there were needed corrections to the KJV text that were made in the ASV.

If you find any needed corrections or have other concerns, Private Message me here.
I hope to add more features to this work in the future, if the Lord wills it.
I have added file AR1B which doesn't have the footnotes for the original words.

Feel free to copy, print or use in whatever manner you wish, help me make it better by proof reading when possible.

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