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#2440 Modules that can be converted to MySword format

Posted by Temporary User on 01 November 2014 - 12:20 AM in The Word Modules / Resources

Can anyone tell me how to identify those modules that can be converted to run on MySword (android based tablets)? I have downloaded some that I thought coulde be converted but they did not. I was told that what I attempted to convert were either encryped or compressed files. Is there a way to tell if a file is encrypted or compressed? Further, if a file is encrypted or compressed, does that mean it can not be converted to run on MySword. If there is a way of telling I would appreciate knowing how to identify them before I spend a lot of time trying to download them. I say this because I live in a country that is closed to the gospel and I have to use some special software to even be able to connect to Christian web pages on the internet and because when I am able to connect the technology here is so backward that things download at extremely slow speeds. Finally, if these sorts of things can be converted can someone tell me how to do that?

Thanks and blessings