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  • Lange, John Peter - Commentary on the Holy Scriptures: Critical, Doctrinal, and Homiletical (25 volumes)
    Jan 30 2013 11:55 PM 1/30/2013 - Version 2: Hundreds and hundreds of changes. Too many to list individually The most common issue was blank passages (no commentary) and misplaced passages (commentary appearing in the wrong verse). Overlapping comments were also creating p...
  • Various Jewish Publications
    Sep 09 2014 09:08 PM These Jewish modules, which have been converted from e-Sword modules, are now available for TheWord.Antiquities of PhiloBook of EnochBook of Illumination (Sepher HaBahir), Aryeh KaplanBook of JasherBook of JubileesCatechism for Jewish ChildrenChapters_...
  • McClintock, John & Strong, James - Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature (12 vols)
    Aug 29 2012 03:34 PM McClintock's and Strong's Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature is one of the most comprehensive Bible dictionaries/encyclopedia's ever produced. It's certainly the largest theWord ever produced with over 500...
  • College Press Bible Study Textbook Series (59 vols)
    May 18 2014 07:42 PM Overview The College Press Bible Study Textbook Series (The Old Green Commentaries) includes 59 books and over 30,000 pages of valuable insight. This library includes outlines, introductions, essays, paraphrases, surveys, maps, illustrations and questi...
  • Gordon, Samuel Dickey (S.D.) - "Quiet Talks" Series (18 vols)
    Feb 07 2013 09:39 PM New Book added: A Quiet Talk about the Babe of Bethlehem. Zip file of all Gordon books are at the bottom of the Download screen (next page).. theWord Edition theWord edition includes 18 of S.D. Gordon's books, over 3,400 pages. His books originall...
  • Pulpit Commentary (Born Again)
    Jul 04 2012 08:35 AM This module was remade by James Rice. Many will prefer this new version for the reasons listed below. This new theWord remake of the Pulpit Commentary is more chapter by chapter (or half chapter by half chapter). The following issues were fixed from...
  • Expositors Bible commentary - 49 Volume Set
    Mar 07 2012 08:45 AM About theWord Edition Dr. Dave (www.doctordavet.com) and his team painstakingly created e-Sword Topic files of The Expositor's Bible (one topic file per volume). We converted the 49 topic files into a single commentary for easier reference. The end...
  • Trapp, John - Complete Commentary (5 vols)
    Feb 29 2012 09:22 PM Complete Trapp Commentary: OT and NT This module contains small formatting changes to the source document used for the e-Sword version. The source document was recompiled for theWord with standardized line spacing, removal of double line breaks at the...
  • The Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges (54 vols)
    Jul 13 2013 09:26 PM The Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges (referred to below as "Cambridge Commentary") was the first commentary set published by Cambridge University Press. Cambridge Commentary versus Cambridge Greek Commentary This Cambridge Commentary 1...
  • ICCNT multi-volume module v.0.75
    Jan 07 2014 06:19 AM This is a new multi-volume module containing all the ICCNT commentary modules completed thus far: Matthew to James, excluding Acts. Remaining volumes: Peter&Jude, Johannine Epistles, and Revelation. I will release those modules individually as c...

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