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theWord Downloads

The Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges (54 vols) 1.2 in Commentaries

Don't know whether this is the right place to post this...

Pett, Peter - Commentary on the Bible and Library Collection (55 volumes) 2 in Commentaries

the bullet point about it "rejecting Calvinism" is very misleading. ...

Lange, John Peter - Commentary on the Holy Scriptures: Critical, Doctrinal, and Homiletical (25 volumes) in Commentaries

Sorry but cannot say positive word. I have found this...

Various Jewish Publications 2.0 in Books

I'm looking for the Targum with vowel pointings in Aramaic Script.

The Declaration of the Apostles 4.0 in Books

Comment from module creator: The “Declaration” referred to in Luke 1.1 is...
  • novar
  • 29 January 2019 - 12:57 PM

My Utmost for His Highest in Devotionals

Fantastic! Inspires and motivates you to be your best for Christ each day.

Guzik, David - Commentary on the whole Bible (New Module) in Commentaries

David Guzik does NOT skip passages! He covers every verse...

College Press Bible Study Textbook Series (59 vols) in Commentaries

NEVERMIND. I figured it out. It's a PDF format.

College Press Bible Study Textbook Series (59 vols) in Commentaries

Which operating systems are compatible to download this series, please? ...

World English Bible - British Edition in Bibles

The US English Version of this Bible has slowly became my...
  • Smurf
  • 13 November 2018 - 10:41 AM

Popes Down Through The Ages in Devotionals

Very LACKING. Leaves a LOT to be improved upon!

Principles of Biblical Hermeneutics 2.0 in Books

This Review is about the contents for the title, Principles of...

Clarence Larkin Charts in Graphics

I have downloaded this module three times but each time I...
  • Warty
  • 23 August 2018 - 12:18 AM

Dunagan, Mark - Commentaries (14 Volumes) 1.0 in Commentaries

Reading the above comments, why would this be tagged Calvinism?
  • ixoye71
  • 20 August 2018 - 11:38 PM

Everett, Gary - Study Notes on the Holy Scriptures (64 vols) in Commentaries

I downloaded this only a while back, and I'm really liking...