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Changes in The Declaration of the Apostles according to William 4.0

Version 4.0
  • Version 3.1 <br />9/01/2013<br /> - Fonts updated<br /> - Verse references updated <br />9/24/2013<br />- Verse Reference corrections<br />9/25/2013<br />Updated Table Properties<br />Version 4.0 01/08/2019<br />Additional Resources added include:<br />Introduction and user guide for each topic<br />The Declaration of the Apostles presented in four passover periods<br />The Gospel of Christ in a single narrative according to the dramatic chronological order set forth by the apostles themselves in their gospel accounts<br />Conflation diagrams for all corresponding gospel accounts<br />First Again event diagrams demonstrating the literal correspondence between each of the gospel accounts.<br />Detailed topics section linked to all document resources<br />A comprehensive cross-reference guide linked to every event in the Gospel of Christ<br />Added screen shot of Gospel of Christ conflated into a single chronological narrative
  • 01-29-2019 Format changes
  • 03042019
  • Corrected Topic section
  • Added additional subtopics
  • Updated conflation diagrams for easier navigation
  • Navigation improvements