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Changes in Thomas Scott Explanatory Notes + W.E. Vine's Commentary on Isaiah 1.3

Version 1.3
  • Took the two available separate commentaries and converted them to Tahoma, 10pt; removed much extra spacing (as much as possible); and modernized some spelling. Still needs more work, but this should read much better than what has been previously available.
  • v1.1: Hand edited 1 Thessalonians to remove unnecessary punctuation per today's English and correct some references per the original, obtained from http://www.classicchristianlibrary.com/.
  • v1.2 Hand edited Galatians 6; Matthew 5
  • v1.3 Did a search and replace to correct several hundred instances of the word "lie," which OCR tech often misreads for the word "he" and sometimes "be."