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  • Author: Blunt, John J.
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  • Tab Name: Scriptural Coincidences

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Bibliology (BibleDoctrine) Apologetics / Evangelism
Blunt, John J.

theWord Version:
3.x - 4.x

Tab Name:
Scriptural Coincidences

This book is a must-have for anyone looking for irrefutable evidence of the truth of the Scriptures. The method employed by Blunt to prove the veracity of the Scriptures is rarely found in modern apologetic books.

Blunt takes inconspicuous Biblical facts from one section of the Scripture, and by comparing these with other Bible passages (and even the works of Josephus) shows how their presence can only be explained if what the Biblical authors wrote was true.

Over one hundred such examples are detailed from both the Old and New Testaments.

Blunt's argument is built from an ever-growing number of independently observed statements throughout the Bible which coincidentally prove, confirm, or fill in historical gaps of other passages. Therefore, it can feature a huge number of steps, each one an additional piece of evidence. Because of this, it is most easily stated as a challenge. Once you have considered the massive weight of the evidence from untold numbers of undesigned coincidences, can you really maintain your skepticism of the historicity of the Bible?

About John James Blunt
Born in 1794 and dying on June 18, 1855, Blunt was an English divine and Anglican priest. His writings included studies of the early Church.

Blunt was born at Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire. He was educated at St John's College, Cambridge, where he took his degree as fifteenth wrangler in 1816 and obtained a fellowship. He was appointed a Worts travelling bachelor 1818, and spent some time in Italy and Sicily, afterwards publishing an account of his journey. He proceeded MA in 1819, BD 1826, and was Hulsean Lecturer in 1831-1832 while holding a curacy in Shropshire.

In 1834, he became rector of Great Oakley in Essex, and in 1839 was appointed Lady Margaret's Professor of Divinity at Cambridge. In 1854 he declined the see of Salisbury.

His chief book was Undesigned Coincidences in the Writings both of the Old and New Testaments (1833; fuller edition, 1847). Some of his writings, among them the History of the Christian Church during the First Three Centuries and the lectures On the Right Use of the Early Fathers, were published posthumously.

Table of Contents

Part One: The Books Of Moses
----I. The Patriarchal Church In Genesis
----II. Abraham And Sodom And Gomorrah
----III. Abraham’s Servant And Rebekah
----IV. Bethuel And Rebekah
----V. Isaac’s Meditation
----VI. The Prolongation Of Isaac’s Life
----VII. Jacob And Strange Gods
----VIII. The Individuality Of Jacob
----IX. Joseph And His Brethren
----X. Egypt As A Corn Country
----XI. Joseph And Pharaoh
----XII. Joseph’s Affection For Jacob
----XIII. Jochebed, Daughter Of Levi
----XIV. Nadab, Abihu And The Censer
----XV. Mishael, Elizaphan And The Deed Nadab And Abihu
----XVI. Rephidim And Amalek
----XVII. The Month Abib And The Passover
----XVIII. The Tabernacle And The Waggon Offerings
----XIX. Judah And The Marching Order Of Israel
----XX. The Arrangement Of The Camp In The Wilderness
----XXI. The Children Of Reuben And God, And The East Jordan
----XXII. Hobab And The Children Of The Kenite
----XXIII. Communication Of News In Ancient Times
----XIV. The Elders Of Moab And Of Midian
----XXV. Zimri, Son Of Salu, And The Plague The Veracity Of The Books Of Moses
----XXVI. The Veracity Of The Books Of Moses

Part Two: The Historical Scriptures
----I. Joshua: Passing Over Jordan
----II. Israel And The Canaanites
----III. Solomon And Hiram Of Tyre
----IV. No “Smith” In Israel
----V. David And Goliath Of Gath
----VI. David’s Father And Mother, And Moab
----VII. David And Michal
----VIII. Obed-Edom And The Ark
----IX. David And Nathan The Prophet
----X. David And Joab
----XI. David And The Wood Of Ephraim
----XII. David And Chimham
----XIII. David And Abiathar The Priest
----XIV. David’s Deathbed, And Mephibosheth
----XV. Judah And Ephraim After David
----XVI. Judah And Israel, And Ramah
----XVII. The Increase Of Judah And Decrease Of Israel
----XVIII. Gibbethon, The City Of The Levites
----XIX. Elijah’s Flight From Jezebel
----XX. Elijah And The Twelve Barrels Of Water
----XXI. Elijah And Zarephath
----XXII. Elisha And The Shunamite Woman
----XXIII. Ahaziah And Jehoshaphat
----XXIV. Amaziah And His Father Joash
----XXV. The Marriage Of Ahab And Jezebel
----XXVI. Jehoram And His Wife
----XXVII. The Consequences Of Jehoram’s Marriage
----XXVIII. The Priests And The Revolt Of Libnah

Part Three: The Prophetical Scripture
----I. Isaiah, Ahaz And The Conduit Of The Upper Pool
----II. Isaiah, Uriah The Priest And Zechariah
----III. Destruction Of Sennacherib’s Army And Prophecy Of Babylonish Captivity
----IV. Eliakim, Shebna, Joah And Sennacherib’s Invasion
----V. Hephzi-Bah And Beulah
----VI. Isaiah Contemporary With Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz And Hezekiah
----VII. Who Was The Queen?
----VIII. “Weep For Him That Goeth Away”
----IX. Dearth In The Days Of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz And Hezekiah
----X. Amos Was A Herdsman
----XI. The Land Unable To Bear The Words Of Amos

Part Four: The Gospels And Acts
----I. The Choice Of Apostles
----II. The Mother Of Zebedee’s Children
----III. Jesus And The Centurions
----IV. Peter Was A Married Man
----V. “When The Even Was Come”, Jesus Heals
----VI. Matthew’s House
----VII. Peter Was A Married Man
----VIII. The Mother Of Jesus Desires To Speak With Him
----IX. The Death Of Joseph, Mary’s Husband
----X. When Jesus Went Into A Ship
----XI. How Herod Heord Of Jesus
----XII. The 12 And The 7 Baskets Of Fragments
----XIII. Herod And The Sadducees
----XIV. The Disciples Did Not Fast
----XV. “Prophesy … Who Smote Thee?”
----XVI. The Charge On Which Jesus Was Condemned
----XVII. The Maid And Peter At The High Priest’s House
----XVIII. The Feeding Of The Five Thousand
----XIX. Simon, A Cyrenian, Who Bore The Cross
----XX. The Sixth And Ninth Hours Of The Crucifixion
----XXI. The Boldness Of Joseph Of Arimathaea
----XXII. The Second Sabbath After The First
----XXIII. “His Face Was As Though He Would Go To Jerusalem”
----XXIV. The First Miracle
----XXV. Nicodemus And Jesus
----XXVI. Sychar, Of Samaria
----XXVII. “Rabbi, When Camest Thou Hither?”
----XXVIII. The Days Of Jesus At Bethany
----XXIX. “He Stedfastly Set His Face To Go To Jerusalem”
----XXX. Whose Ear Did Peter Cut?
----XXXI. “Then Would My Servants Fight”
----XXXII. Why Did John Outrun Peter To The Tomb?
----XXXIII. The Ascension Of Jesus
----XXXIV. The Pharisees And The Sadducees
----XXXV. Joses Barnabas, Of Cyprus
----XXXVI. The Grecians And The Hebrews
----XXXVII. Cornelius And Peter
----XXXVIII. The Christians Of Antioch
----XXXIX. The Burning Of The Books
----XL. The Centurion Who Kept Paul
----XLI. Felix’s Hope For Money From Paul

Appendix: The Gospels, Acts And Josephus
----I. Josephus And The Evangelists
----II. Herod And The Birth Of Jesus
----III. Joseph And Archelaus, Son Of Herod
----IV. Capernoum And The Tribute Money
----V. The Sadducees And The Resurrection
----VI. “Lest There Be An Uproar”
----VII. The Gadarene Swine
----VIII. Herod’s Birthday
----IX. The Guest Chamber For The Passover
----X. Jesus At Twelve Years Of Age
----XI. The 12 And The 70 Whom Jesus Chose
----XII. The City Called Nain
----XIII. When Herod Was At Jerusalem
----XIV. Sychar Lacked Water
----XV. Pilate At The Pavement
----XVI. Caesar, The King
----XVII. Solomon’s Porch And The Beautiful Gate
----XVIII. Tabitha, Called Dorcas
----XIX. The Grecians And The Hebrews
----XX. King Agrippa Salutes Festus
----XXI. King Agrippa And Bernice
----XXII. Alexandria And Puteoli

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