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  • Submitted: Mar 19 2015 09:09 PM
  • Last Updated: Mar 19 2015 09:18 PM
  • File Size: 146K
  • Views: 3700
  • Downloads: 879
  • Author: Erik Jon Magnusson
  • theWord Version: 3.x - 4.x
  • Tab Name: * Keyboard shortcuts

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theWord Module Download:
Download * Keyboard shortcuts 1.0

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Erik Jon Magnusson

theWord Version:
3.x - 4.x

Tab Name:
* Keyboard shortcuts


Compliments of Erik Jon Magnusson

Hi, friends.

I had been wanting to put together a slightly-faster approach to displaying all the keyboard shortcuts at once. I used to keep a "bookmark" (a.k.a. "favorite") in TheWord's "HTML Help file," but sometimes I needed to see some of the shortcuts alongside my Bible text, without having the "HTML Help" window open simultaneously, obstructing the view.

Consequently, I put together a "table" of all the keyboard shortcuts (mainly just copied from the aforementioned "Help" file), and made a module out of it. I have also taken the liberty of abbreviating some of the original descriptions, so that I could keep the table as narrow as possible.

DON'T FORGET: You can highlight, underline, colorize, italicize or put into bold face type, any of the shortcuts here that you most often need to remember, using the formatting palette. In this way everything will be even faster and easier to find, as you certainly cannot do that in the HTML Help screens.

For even faster access to this module, once installed, I suggest that you leave the reference to it outside of any folders or subfolders in your "Custom module sets," so that it will always appear in the first level of the main menu, in the main screen, and thereby not be buried away in a submenu somewhere. That way you will be able to access it with only one click, rather than with several clicks (i.e., from one submenu to another) (Although I think that most of us rather wish that all of the deepest submenus in TheWord would come to the fore in the tabs automatically anyway, so that we would not have to go fishing through the others each time.)

For still faster access to this module, I have put an asterisk in front of the name (i.e., * Keyboard Shortcuts), so that this module will be kept at the top of the menu whenever sorted in alphabetical order, and thereby be easier to locate with just a glance. (If you remove the asterisk, you will make the module harder to find and use.)

Nevertheless, please bear with us, because in the current version of TheWord (4.0) no one is allowed to bypass the infamous message, "Please, select a topic to display. Click here to see a list of topics for module..."--not even the most sanctified of users. Fortunately, it appears only at the beginning of each session, only when initially opening any bookview window for the first time. In other words, after you click it once, you receive TheWord's magical and mysterious blessing for the remainder of the session (no one knows why, but all of us are thankful), and you will, from then on, be able to go back and forth to other modules--even within the same window--without having to face it again; the module will be just one click away (as we wish it were from the beginning).

My apologies for any typographical errors or oversights that you may find. Feel free to send them to me or post them wherever you may find this module.

Sincerely yours,

Erik Jon Magnusson

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