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Revelation Dispensationalism Eschatalogy (Endtimes) Bretheren Literal Rapture
Scott, Walter

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3.x - 4.x

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This is a verse by verse commentary of the Book of Revelation by brethren author Walter Scott. He writes from a Pre-Millennial, Pre-Tribulational perspective...


There are three ways in which this volume may be helpfully used.

1. By reading straight through as an ordinary book, making a pencil note in the margin of portions suitable for meditation and careful study.

2. Taking chapter by chapter, first reading the chapter in the Bible itself, then carefully noting the valuable and suggestive thoughts herein set forth in the fear of the Lord.

3. As a book of reference. The Index will readily indicate where any incident or event mentioned in the book may be found.

The Bible chapters are indicated at the head of each page, the verses at the beginning of each paragraph. The black type clearly indicates portions of the book quoted.


The principle on which our “Exposition” proceeds is that the main contents of the Apocalypse are yet future, and that an exhaustive fulfilment of prophecy must be sought for in the near crisis of several years, culminating in the Return of the Lord in power. We cannot have the accomplishment of prophecy so long as the Church is the platform of God’s activity in grace. But when it is taken up to Heaven, then God’s suspended dealings with Israel and the nations are resumed. The Church — Christ’s body and bride — is an election out of both, and is not itself a subject of prophecy, but of New Testament Revelation (Matt. 16: 16, 17; Eph. 3). Events, political and religious, are transpiring before our eyes which are the growth and result of centuries. But in the prophetic week of seven years (Dan. 9: 27) changes of the most startling character are witnessed. The whole political government of Europe is then rearranged under Satan’s prime minister, the Beast of the Apocalypse — a gigantic confederation of ten powers. The old Roman empire will reappear under new conditions, guided and controlled by its active blaspheming and persecuting head, the little horn of Daniel 7. His partner in crime and sharer in everlasting ruin is the Antichrist who guides religiously in Christendom, as the Beast does politically.
The whore, or the mystical Babylon, is the concentration of everything religiously vile. Her political dethronement in the revived empire is effected instrumentally by the ten kings (Rev. 17: 16), who at first upheld her; her ruin is mourned over by kings, merchants, and peoples outside the Roman earth (Rev. 18: 9-19), and she is subsequently destroyed by God Himself (vv. 2, 21-24) a short time before the destruction of the Beast. This latter is effected by the Lord in Person, and at His Coming in power (Rev. 19). The destruction of Babylon and the Beast are separate events. The former precedes the latter.

There can be no public development of these and other events of a like character so long as the Church is on earth. Evil at present is a mystery, though actively at work, but it is restrained or kept in check by two powers: what restraineth (2 Thess. 2: 6) is the Church on earth, and He Who restraineth (v. 7) is the Holy Ghost. Hence there cannot be the public abandonment of the Faith till the Church and Spirit leave the earth. But the principles are at work which are surely and rapidly undermining the moral foundations of the professing Church and of society in general. The “Higher Critics” are the advance guard in the unholy crusade. The full-blown development may be expected ere long.

We have freely used the labours of many scholarly men in our translation of the text. The New Translation (Morrish, London) has been largely drawn upon.

Note to the Third Edition.

We are profoundly thankful to God for the many testimonies which have reached us of help and blessing, as also for the rapid sale of the second issue of our “Exposition.” We bespeak a warm welcome for the third edition now in the hands of our readers.
The futurist application is, we are convinced, the only consistent and Scriptural one. “History is an old almanac,” is ever repeating itself. There is nothing new under the sun. The principles and motives which govern men in thought and action are ever the same, while, of course, the facts are new; but even these are framed on old types and models; hence a general resemblance to the past may be traced in the prophecies. But the complete and exhaustive fulfilment of prophecy is undoubtedly future. “The Revelation” is regarded by many as a mystery, as a sealed book. It is not so. It is open for the simple to understand. Explanation of its every symbol may be found by diligent search in some part or other of the Sacred Volume, whose verbal inspiration is the faith of the writer.

Note to the Fourth Edition.

We adore our ever gracious God for His mercy in permitting us to issue a fourth edition of our “Exposition.”

Before the study of the “Exposition” itself is entered upon we would advise, in the first instance, a careful reading of the three special papers indicated at head of Contents on next page.

Walter Scott.

General Contents.

Distribution of the Contents of the Book of Revelation,
Two Parts — Three Divisions — Twelve Sections — Parenthetic Portions.

The Celebrated Prophecy of 70 Weeks or 490 Years,
Times — Days — Months — The 70th Week.

The Six Chief Actors in the Coming Crisis,
The Great Dragon — The Beast — The Antichrist — King of the North — King of the South — The Last Czar of Russia.

Principal Subjects.

1. Title and Character of the Book,
The Divine Salutation
The Glorious Vision of Christ,
The Seven Churches,
Threefold Division of the Book,

2. Addresses to the Seven Churches,
Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea.
Satan’s Throne and Dwelling
Balaamism and Nicolaitanism,

3. Rewards to the Overcomer.
The Seven Spirits and the Seven Stars,
The Coming Hour of Trial,
Christ Stands, Knocks, and Speaks,

Third Division of the Apocalypse,

4. The Throne of the Eternal,
Royal Authority of the Redeemed,
The Living Creatures and their Worship,

5. The Throne and the Slain Lamb,
The Seven-Sealed Book,
The Intelligent Universe in Praise to God,

6. Opening of the First Six Seals,
First — Sixth, (Seventh.)

7. Parenthetic Visions of Grace,
Three Companies of Millennial Saints,
Great Tribulation,

8. The First Four Trumpets,
First — Fourth, (Fifth, Sixth.)

9. The Fifth and Sixth Trumpets,
The Fallen Star or Personal Antichrist,
The Number of the Avenging Hosts,

10. Descent of the Strong Angel — The Little Opened Book,
Solemn Oath of the Angel,
Recommencement of John’s Prophetic Ministry,

11. Jewish Testimony and the Seventh Trumpet,
Jerusalem Trodden Down
The World Kingdom of our Lord,

12. Events as God Views Them,
The Woman and the Man-Child,
Satan — His Names and Work,

13. The Two Beasts,
Revival of the Roman Empire,
The Number of the Beast, 666,

14. Sevenfold Intervention in Grace and Judgment,
(1) Jewish Remnant Spared, (2) The Everlasting Gospel, (3) Fall of Babylon, (4) Worshippers of the Beast, (5) The Blessed Dead, (6) Harvest of the Earth, (7) The Vine of the Earth.

15. The Seven Vials, or Bowls of Wrath,
The Victorious Martyred Company of Judah,
Ministers of God’s Wrath equipped for Judgment,

16. The Seven Vials, etc. (Continued),
First — Seventh.

17. Babylon and the Beast,
The Great Harlot Described,

18. The Fall of Babylon.
Lamentation on Earth,
Triumph in Heaven,

19. The Marriage of the Lamb,
The Judgment of the Rebellious Nations,
The Conqueror and His Victorious Army,

20. The Millennium, and the Judgment of the Dead,
The Reign with Christ,
The Last Human Confederacy,
Satan Cast into the Lake of Fire,

21. The Eternal State, and the Bride in Governmental and Millennial Splendour,
A New Heaven and a New Earth,
The City and its Glories,

22. Concluding Vision and Testimonies,
The River and Tree of Life,
“Surely I come quickly,”

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