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  • Author: Philip Mauro
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  • Tab Name: Mauro - Life in the World

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Apologetics / Evangelism Bibliology (BibleDoctrine) Biblical Studies

Philip Mauro

theWord Version:
3.x - 4.x

Tab Name:
Mauro - Life in the World

Philip Mauro, a former Supreme Court attorney, took to writing books in order to combat those who would deny the fundamentals of the faith. This book, Life in the Word, is a look at the Bible and how we can know today that it is absolutely from God.

Of this book, it was said that it was "Mr. Mauro's greatest work, certainly his most popular one."

From the Introduction:

IT must be evident to all who pay close attention to the spiritual conditions of our day that there is being made at this time a very determined and wide-spread effort to set aside entirely the authority of the Bible. One of the unique characteristics of that Book is that it claims the right to control the actions of men. It speaks "as one having authority." It assumes, and in the most peremptory and uncompromising way, to rebuke men for misconduct, and to tell them what they shall not do. It speaks, not as from the human plane, or even from the standpoint of superior human wisdom and morality; but as from a plane far above the highest human level, and as with a wisdom which admits of no question or dispute. Its attitude throughout is that of demanding from man unqualified submission.

But this assumption of control over men is in direct antagonism to the democratic spirit of the times, which brooks no authority higher than that of "the people," that is to say, of Man himself.

To establish and to make universal the principles of pure democracy is the object, whether consciously or unconsciously, of the great thought-movements of our era; and the essence and marrow of democracy is the supreme authority of Man. Hence the conflict with the Bible.


Preface to Revised Edition (1918).
Introduction (1908)
Chapter I. The Incarnate Word, and the Written Word: Both Are "Living,"
Chapter II. No Definitions of Life
Chapter III. Perennial Freshness
Chapter IV. The Bible Does Not Become Obsolete
Chapter V. Science and the Bible
Chapter VI. The Bible Is Indestructible
Chapter VII. The Bible Is a Discerner of Hearts
Chapter VIII. The Translatability of Scripture
Chapter IX. The Word Exhibits the Characteristic of Growth
Chapter X. A Life-Giving Word
Chapter XI. The Life-Sustaining Word
Chapter XII. The Life-Transforming Word

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