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  • Author: Bishop R.C. Evans
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  • Tab Name: Evans - Forty Years in Mormon Church

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Download Evans, R.C. - Forty Years in the Mormon Church: Why I Left It

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Comparative Religion Ecclesiology Soteriology (Salvation) Theology Proper (NatureOfGod) Unorthodox History Modern (1800-Today)

Bishop R.C. Evans

theWord Version:
3.x - 4.x

Tab Name:
Evans - Forty Years in Mormon Church

Forty Years in the Mormon Church - Why I Left It

Written by R.C. Evans in 1920, after over forty years in the Mormon Church (and over twenty years in the leadership of that church).

About the Author

On April 12, 1897, at a general conference of the Reorganized Latter-Day Saints Church, Evans was made an apostle and a member of the Council of Twelve Apostles. On April 20, 1902, Evans became a counselor in the First Presidency to Joseph Smith III, the Prophet–President of the RLDS Church. In 1909, Evans was released from the First Presidency and was ordained to the office of bishop. As a bishop, Evans was given a specific jurisdiction over the church in Canada.

In 1918, Evans broke with the RLDS Church. Evans had complained about Prophet–President Frederick M. Smith's administrative style and the church's continuing denials that Latter Day Saint movement founder Joseph Smith, Jr. had practiced and taught plural marriage. A number of RLDS Church members in Toronto followed Evans, and they began a church they called the Church of the Christian Brotherhood.

In 1920, Evans published a book explaining why he left the RLDS Church. He wrote that while the "Reorganized 'Mormon Church' does not teach or practice polygamy", the "great sin" of the church "is in denying that Joseph Smith, their prophet, seer and revelator, received revelations commanding the church to enter into that God dishonoring and woman debasing doctrine under pain of eternal damnation".Faced with these facts, Evans concluded that he "could no longer believe that God and Christ visited and conversed with Smith" and that he must have been a false prophet. Although it was not central to his reasoning, Evans also mentioned that Frederick M. Smith was "neither a prophet, seer, revelator nor God's mouth-piece to the church, but is an autocrat, cruel and tricky, and selfish in his methods."


CHAPTER I - Mormonism -- It's Early History
My Childhood Faith
My First Doubt
History of the Book of Mormon
Willard Chase
Isaac Hale
William Stafford
Z. H. Gurley
The Gold Plates
Translation Perfect
Copied from the Bible
Early History of America
Spaulding Manuscript
The Witnesses Leave the Church

CHAPTER II - Was Joseph Smith A Polygamist?
Brief History of Smith
Churches All Wrong
Book of Abraham
Smith Vile, Yet Prophet of God
Was Joseph Smith Immoral?
Testimony of His Wife, Son & Others
Three Witnesses
Polygamy, Revelation of 1843
The Last Straw
The Doctrine of Many Gods

CHAPTER III - Mormonism Against the World
Teaches There Are But Two Churches
God and Christ Visit Joseph Smith
RLDS Deny God and Christ Appeared
John the Baptist Ordained Smith
Cowdery on Angelic Ordination
Holy Ghost before Confirmation
Smith and Cowdery Baptize Each Other
Smith and Cowdery Ordain Each Other
Cowdery, Pratt and Smith on Ordination
JSIII Denies Peter, James & John Ordination
Called by Revelation
Not Called by God
Apostles Led Church Into Sin

CHAPTER IV - History of the Reorganized Church
J. W. Briggs, Polygamy, Apostacy
William Marks, Polygamy, Ordination
Z. H. Gurley, Polygamy, Digging for Lead
W. W. Blair, Baptism, Ordination, Polygamy
Samuel Powers, Ordination
Joseph Smith the Second
Joseph Not Appointed by Revelation
Joseph, No Evidence for Fifteen Years
Joseph, Head of Mormon Church
Joseph, Right of Lineage
F. M. Smith's Call
Reorganized Apostles Deny Revelations
Bishop McGuire's Call

CHAPTER V - The Proper Name of the Church
Are They Mormons?
Baptism for the Dead
Three Witnesses -- Character
Sidney Rigdon on Smith
William Law
Lyman E. Johnson
Orson Hyde
William Smith
J. C. Bennet
Warren Parrish
Bishop Corril
Nauvoo House
Christ Coming
Slavery Advocated by Smith
Prophecy on the Rebellion

CHAPTER VI - Book of Abraham
Plurality of Gods
Blood Atonement
All Churches Corrupt
No Salvation Outside Bk of Mormon
Holy Scriptures Translated by Smith

CHAPTER VII - United States vs. Mormon Church
Smith Organized A Kingdom
United States to be Destroyed
Missouri Sink to Hell
Smith Ordained King
Printing Press Destroyed
Smith Arrested for Treason
Smith Like Christ
Smith Called for Tobacco & Wine
Smith Killed Two Men -- Last Act

CHAPTER VIII - The Book of Commandments
Book Complete, and Sold
Revelations Changed
Cowdery -- Gift of the Rod
Smith's First & Greatest Revelation
The Book of Doctrine & Covenants
Revelations Added To
Revelations -- How Received
Revelations -- Smith only to receive
God Wrote Preface of Book
Peter, James, John Ordained
Re-Organized Prophet's Revelation
JSIII Not Trusted With Money
Revelations on Evans and Smith
Luff to be Apostle and Doctor
Luff Not to be Apostle and Doctor
False Revelation Re.: Bishop
False Revelation Rejected
Leading Men Denounce Revelation
Leading Men Left the Church

CHAPTER IX - The Order of Enoch
History and Demands of the Order
Deed All Property
Order of Enoch Organized
Order of Enoch Described
Secret Names given
All Must Join the Order
No Salvation Out of Order
Young Joseph Not Trusted by the Lord
Revelation Shows Church Robbed People
The Questionaire
Robs Man of His Liberty

CHAPTER X - Alleged Proofs of Book of Mormon
Claims to Come From God
Claims to Contain Fullness of the Gospel
Claims to Convince Jew and Gentile
The Witnesses Examined
Claims to be History of Ancient America
Bible Prophets Examined
Smith, Harris, vs. Anthon and Mitchell

CHAPTER XI - Priesthood
No Salvation Outside of Mormon Priesthood
John Baptist Ordains Smith an Aaronic Priest
The Work of the Aaronic Priest
Aaronic Priesthood Abolished in Christ

CHAPTER XII Nebuchadnezzar's Dream
Daniel's Vision
Deception of Mormonism in Days and Years
Evans Dragged Into Court
The Law-Suit
Bishop Evans' Challenge to President Smith

About this Edition

This edition has been proofread and re-formatted for ease of reading. No textual changes have been made except for typographical corrections and changing abbreviations for the Mormon books to the full names of those books.

This module has chapters that appear in alphabetic order, instead of chapters that appear in the correct order. This isn't supposed to be like this, is it?

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