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  • Tab Name: Sex, Love and Marriage Christian Apporach by Zac Poonen

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Sex, Love and Marriage Christian Apporach by Zac Poonen

Sex, love and marriage! What vital subjects! None can remain unaffected by them. And yet what ignorance prevails about the real purpose of these gifts of God to mankind.

In our country, instruction on these matters is usually not given either by parents to their children or by pastors to their young people. As a result, young people obtain their information in perverted forms from the "gutter". The world and the Devil are quick to teach them in their own way what the Church should have taught them first in a pure way. Ignorance about the Scriptural teaching on these subjects has left most young people defenseless against Satan's subtle attacks in these realms. This book is an attempt to cater to this need. It seeks to look at sex, love and marriage from God's viewpoint.

God Himself is the essence of true love and He is the One Who created sex and ordained marriage. He alone can therefore tell us what love really means, and how sex and marriage can be used for our greatest good. What God has said in His Word, we shall find is contrary to much that this world teaches on these subjects. But the teaching of God's Word is like a rock. He who builds his life on it can never fall - no storm or earthquake will ever shake him.

There are some matters on which one cannot be dogmatic: in these I have refrained from dogmatism. But there are other matters on which one cannot but be firm. On such matters I have tried to express myself unequivocally.

I have done some plain speaking in this book which may shock the prudes! There are some strong statements too. Most evangelical Christians in India, I fear, have soft-pedaled these issues for too long. Many a young life might have been saved from ruin if Christian leaders had spoken with a firmer voice on these matters. Hence I make no apology for hitting hard in some places. I have seen many Christians falling into Satan's traps in the realm of sex. I have also seen many "Christian" marriages that have fulfilled the devil's purpose instead of God's. I cannot but open fire now with the deadliest weapons in the armoury.

Chapter Six, "FOR GIRLS ONLY"
, has been kindly contributed by my wife.

I would urge young people to read through this book seriously. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Prevention is better than cure. Taking heed to what is said herein may save you from many a heartache and many a shipwreck in the future.

In many places where I have used the pronouns, "he" and "him", they do not refer only to men. I have used these words in a generic way to refer to mankind in general - and so women are included too. The places where this is so will be obvious to the reader.
I am indebted to a number of believers who read through the original manuscript and offered helpful comments.

Scripture quotations are from the Amplified Bible except where otherwise stated: Amplified Old Testament © Zondervan Publishing House. Amplified New Testament © Lockman Foundation.

JBP refers to "J.B. Phillips' translation of the New Testament", © Geoffrey Bles Ltd., Publishers.

TLB refers to "The Living Bible” © Tyndale House.

Permission to use quotations from these versions is gratefully acknowledged.

It is my prayer that this book will be a blessing to many in helping them to find God's perfect will in sex, love and marriage.
Zac Poonen
Table of Contents

1. Dynamite - Handle With Care!
2. Opposite Poles Attract
3. Love Is A Many-Splendoured Thing
4. Two Shall Become One
5. Finding Your Better Half
6. For Girls Only
7. Countdown To The Wedding
8. The Highway of Happiness
* A Wedding Hymn.

About Pastor Zac

Zac Poonen was formerly an Indian Naval Officer who has been serving the Lord in India for nearly 50 years as a Bible-teacher. He has responsibility for a number of churches in India and abroad.

He has written more than 25 books and numerous articles in English - which have been translated into many Indian and foreign languages. His messages are available on audio CDs and video DVDs.

Like the other elders in CFC, Zac Poonen also supports himself and his family through "tent-making" and does not receive any salary for his services. He does not receive any royalty for any of his books, CDs or DVDs, that are published by Christian Fellowship Centre, Bangalore.

Zac Poonen has been involved in a church-planting ministry for about 40 years. He has written 25 books - mostly on the deeper Christian life. Many of these have been translated into a number of languages and have been circulated widely around the world. His wife, Annie, a medical doctor has also written a few books for young girls and mothers.

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