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  • Author: Lamb & Lion Ministries (Dr. David Reagan)
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  • Tab Name: LambLion - First Coming
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  • Module Identifier: DDT-LambLion-First Coming Weblogs

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Christology Copyrighted
Lamb & Lion Ministries (Dr. David Reagan)

theWord Version:
3.x - 4.x

Tab Name:
LambLion - First Coming

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DDT-LambLion-First Coming Weblogs

These are weblogs of Lamb & Lion Ministries. All of the blogs in this module were written by it's founder, Dr. David Reagan. Lamb & Lion have several different categories of blogs; these are all of the blogs under the category of "First Coming" of Jesus Christ.

Lamb & Lion is a prophetic ministry, so their emphasis is on Bible prophecy. The emphasis in this particular module is the fulfillment of Bible prophecy as it relates to the Life of Christ in His first coming.

PLEASE NOTE: The contents of this module are under copyright. Thanks, Dr. Reagan, for your gracious permission to repost these blogs.

Table of Contents:

1. The Truth of the Virgin Birth
Is it Essential to the Christian Faith?

2. The Virgin Birth
Its validity and essentiality to the faith.

3. The Bethlehem Miracle
Jesus' birth as a testimony of God's faithfulness.

4. Mysteries of the Star of Bethlehem
What was it? Comet? Supernova? Alignment of Planets?

5. When Was Jesus Born?
Was it really on December 25th?

6. Prophetic Facts About the Nativity
Prophecies fulfilled when Jesus was born.

7. The Address of the Messiah
Written in Bible prophecy long before Jesus was born.

8. The Passion in Prophecy
The message of Psalm 22.

9. The Forgotten Promises of Christmas
Promises the Church has spiritualized out of existence.

10. The Resurrection in Prophecy
An event clearly foreseen by both Jesus and the Hebrew prophets.

11. A Bible Prophecy Problem Concerning the Resurrection
Did the Resurrection fulfill the prophecy of Jonah?

Over the next several weeks, I will be releasing several more weblog compilations from Lamb & Lion's excellent site. For more excellent Lamb and Lion modules, please visit my module website: www.DoctorDaveT.com. The new posts will be listed on the "Newest Modules" page.

All, if you like to study prophecy check out Dr. Dave's site for more of these Lamb and Lion Modules.

I have read through some of the content and they are excellent. They also include nice images.

So far he has up:

First Coming Weblog
Daniel Weblog
Rapture Weblog
Tribulation Weblog

Others to come soon...
Thanks for the shoutout, Peter. www.lamblion.com has made it easy to build these modules; they're already nicely formatted on the web. Most of Dr. Reagan's stuff is very baptistic (although he himself is not a Baptist). I will say this: he does his best to be topically expositional. He is pre-millennial; mildly dispensational; and believes that prophecy is being fulfilled in the days in which we live.

Even if you don't agree with his writings (and I find myself agreeing with most of what he writes), they are certainly interesting to read.


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