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WTP Wolston

theWord Version:
3.x - 4.x

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WTP Woltson - Behold the Bridegroom

Preface to First Edition.

The origin of the following little volume is this. A year ago a short course of Lectures, on the Lord's Second Coming, was given. Great interest in the subject was evinced, and, by many, a desire expressed, that the truths ministered, might appear in a permanent form, for quiet perusal. As, however, no notes either pre-existed, or were taken, this was then impossible. This spring the Author again felt led of the Lord, to take up the subject of His return, going more into detail, and the shorthand notes, then taken, are now in the reader's hands. They have been revised, and emended, as well as the leisure of a Physician's busy life afforded — subject as it is to constant calls, and interruptions, which do not lend themselves to literary work. To erudition, or scholarship, the book has no claim, and makes no pretensions. That the truth is in it, the Author has no doubt, and the only thought before his mind, in publication, is the profit of souls, if unsaved, and the helping of some of the Lord's dear children, to a better understanding of His prophetic Word, and, a more simple daily waiting, for Him, who says, "Behold, I come quickly."

Delivered, as these Lectures were, to large, and mixed audiences, of believers, and unbelievers, the felt, and often, expressed need of the latter, made the introduction of the simple Gospel, a necessity, as well as a joy to the speaker. These statements, and appeals, have not been eliminated, for the book may fall into similar hands, and the Lord may be graciously pleased to use the printer's mark, as He did the living voice, to thereby awaken the careless, and bring rest to the troubled. May He do so for His name's sake!

None can be more conscious than the Author, of' the many imperfections that exist in his treatment of his subject, so immense is it. But he trusts his attempt, to give a somewhat connected view, of yet future events, will lead the reader to imitate the Bereans, who, when they heard the same testimony as the Thessalonians — the near coming of the Lord — "searched the scriptures daily, whether these things were so" (Act_17:11).

The Lord grant to reader, and writer, to be "like unto men that wait for their Lord" (Luk_12:36).

Contents in detail

Christ's Three Positions — Presentation of His Return in the New Testament Books — Exceptions thereto — The Morning Star — The Christian Hope and its Basis — The Two Resurrections — The Lord, not Death, our Expectation — The Manner of the Lord's Return — The Ten Virgins, and the Bridegroom

Christians a Delivered People — The Midnight Cry — The Evil Servant — The Post-raptural Condition of Christendom — The Day of Christ — The Apostasy — Its Features — Antichrist — His Names — The Man of Sin — The Man of the Earth — The King — The False Prophet — His judgment

The Last Week of the Lord's, Life — His Testimony as to the Times of the Gentiles — Explanation of the Term in Daniel - Resumé of that Book — Nebuchadnezzar's Visions — His Great Image — Its Interpretation — General View of Gentile Empire — The Roman Empire — The Little Horn — The Two Beasts of Rev_13:1-18.

The Jews in Relation to the Lord's Return — Are they Cast off? — The Christian's Place — Daniel's Seventy Weeks — Their Interpretation — The Prince that shall Come — The Abomination that maketh Desolate — The Desolator, and the Desolate — The Time of Jacob's Trouble — The Resurrection of Israel — The Lord's Instructions in Mat_24:1-51 — The Hundred and Forty-Four Thousand of Israel, and the Gentile Multitude of Rev_7:1-17, who come out of the Great Tribulation — The Church of Christ not to go through it

Contrast between the Morning Star, and the Sun of Righteousness — Meaning of the Term — To whom does He Arise? — The Remnant — Their Origin, and Exercises — A Little Book of Psalms — Prayer of the Remnant — Their Double Testimony — Their Call to Israel — Their Summons of the Gentiles — The Gospel of the Kingdom — The Everlasting Gospel — The Appearing of the First-begotten — The Deliverance of Israel — The Lord great in Zion — The Hundredth Psalm — When will it be Sung in the Spirit?

Nebuchadnezzar's Great Image once more — The Stone that Smites it to Powder — The Kingdom of the Son of Afar — Glance at the Book of Revelation — The Worship Meeting of Chapter 5 — The Prayer Meeting of Chapter 6 — The Marriage of the Lamb — The Apparel of His Bride — The Lord's Appearing as KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS — The Harvest and the Vintage — Christ's Warrior Judgment — Doom of the Beast, and the False Prophet — Christ's Sessional Judgment — The Four Judgments — The Sheep, the Goats, and the Brethren of Mat_25:1-46.

The Captivity — Israel's Fall — Salvation come to the Gentiles — God's Faithfulness to Promise — Judah, and Ephraim — The Great Trumpet — Israel's Restoration — Difference between the Two Tribes and the Ten — God's Address to the Land — His Promise to Re-gather Israel — Meaning of Clean Water — The Valley of Dry Bones — National Resurrection — The Two Sticks — David the King — Ammi, and the Assyrian, Israel's Ancient Foe — Lo-Ammi, and Rome — Gog, Prince of Rosh (Russia) — His Invasion and Downfall — God's Use of the Assyrian — The King of the North — Jerusalem a Burdensome Stone — The Lord on the Mount of Olives

A Morning without Clouds — The Lord Jesus as King — The Christian's Relation to Him — The King's First Act — Satan Bound for One Thousand Years — Why — Creation and the Seventh Day — Features of the Millennium — Death a Rare Thing — The Curse Removed — The Animal Creation Changed — Jerusalem the World's Metropolis — The Temple Rebuilt — Jerusalem the Centre of Worship — The Passover, the Feast of Weeks, and the Feast of Tabernacles

The Heavenly Side of the Millennial Reign — Review of Rev_19:1-21; Rev_20:1-15; Rev_21:1-8 — The Curtain Dropped, to Lift Again — The New Jerusalem, and Babylon — Analogy of Description — The Bride, the Lamb's Wife — The Holy City Descending — Her Place in the Millennium — Joh_17:1-26 — The Glory of God her Foundation, Protection, and Light — The Place of Angels — The Cube, Finite Perfection — The Precious Stones — The Merchantman and the Pearl — No Temple — The Church the Light of the Earth — The Dispensation of the Fulness of Times — The River, and Tree of Life — Eden, and its Trees and Rivers

The Two Resurrections — Reasons why the Revelation is so little Read — Satan Loosed — Man's Last Test — Gog and Magog — Their judgment — Satan's Final Condemnation — The Great White Throne — Who is the judge — The Two Hours — God's Way of Purifying the Earth — The Resurrection unto Judgment — The Two-fold Ground of judgment — Death and Hades Annulled — A New Heaven, and a New Earth — A Bride Adorned for her Husband — The Tabernacle of God — God All in All — No more Death — The Fountain of the Water of Life — A Sad Category — The Grandest Thing under the Sun

Posted Image

WALTER THOMAS PRIDEAUX WOLSTON was born at Brixham, Devon, on 6th September, 1840. He says himself that before he was converted he was a most thorough going young worldling, deeply immersed in its pleasures and its sin. On leaving school he entered a lawyer's office in his native town, intending to follow the legal profession.

On 4th December, 1860, he left his country home in Devonshire for the great city of London to further pursue his legal studies there, intending to return home for a visit at Christmas, as he had to fulfil a number of worldly engagements in connection with the Glee Band, of which he was a prominent member. Before Christmas came round, however, the Lord had met and saved him. The first Sunday after reaching London it was suggested by a fellow-lodger that they should both go and hear Richard Weaver, the collier preacher, in Surrey Theatre, whose earnest and rousing preaching of the Gospel was attracting thousands. He was convicted of his sin that night, but it was not until the following Sunday evening, after hearing Charles Stanley preach the Gospel, that the light dawned in his soul, and Walter Wolston entered into peace. He immediately came right out for God.

Recognising that a promise is a debt, and that every Christian should honourably pay his debts, he immediately wrote to the conductor of the Glee Band, informing him that since leaving home he had been converted, that the Lord had put a new song into his mouth, and although he was willing to fulfil his legitimate engagements, he could only now sing of the Saviour who had done so much for him. Needless to say he was relieved of his obligation.

He dearly loved the Gospel, and it mattered not what subject he discoursed upon to Christians, he never finished without preaching God's salvation.

In 1864, under the distinct impression that the Lord called him to work in Scotland, even with the offer of considerable advancement, he left London, and came to Edinburgh, where he was appointed House Surgeon to the Old Infirmary. Afterwards he established himself as a physician in the Scottish capital, where by his skill he acquired a large practice. In Dr. Wolston were combined personality, ability, and grace, so that he was universally acknowledged to be a skilful and kindly Christian doctor. He always found time in the midst of his busy practice to tell out the old, old story, and he used to rent halls and theatres for this purpose. In recent years few business men in Scotland were privileged to preach the Gospel to so many and for so long a period. He had a wonderful influence over young men, and frequently lectured to students in Edinburgh on spiritual subjects.

He was the Editor of the magazine entitled ´God´s Glad Tidings´,afterwards altered to ´The Gospel Messenger´,for forty-five years, and many clearly written Gospel booklets have come from his pen. He also produced nine volumes on spiritual subjects, which have been helpful to many. They are: "Simon Peter: His Life and Letters", "Young Men of Scripture", "Another Comforter", "Night Scenes of Scripture", "Behold the Bridegroom", "Forty Days of Scripture", "Seekers for Light" and "The Church". So that by means of the printed page Dr. Wolston has been, through the grace of God, a means of blessing to thousands of both saints and sinners.

He gave up his medical practice in 1909, and there upon fulfilled a long standing wish to visit Australia and New Zealand. He afterwards paid two visits to Norway. During the second visit to Norway in February, 1915, he was stricken with paralysis, and was brought home to Weston-super-Mare, where he lay helpless for two years. During all this period of physical helplessness he was happy in the Saviour's love, and never was he heard to murmur or complain. A few weeks before the end he had another seizure, which rendered him unconscious to everything of earth, but it was quite evident to his devoted wife he was in constant and uninterrupted communion with the Lord he had loved so long and served so faithfully. On 11th March, 1917, at the age of seventy-six, this devoted worker passed into the presence of the King.

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