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  • Author: Forsyth, Peter Taylor
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  • Tab Name: Soul of Prayer

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Forsyth, Peter Taylor

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3.x - 4.x

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Soul of Prayer

Eugene H. Peterson, author of The Message Bible, says of Forsyth’s, The Soul of Prayer: “Here is a no-nonsense theologian who goes for the jugular. In Forsyth's company we are aware of both the glory and the gravity of what we are doing when we go to our knees in prayer."

So much literature on prayer comes off as fluffy and ethereal, however, Forsyth's "Soul of Prayer" is food for our minds. To really grow in our prayer we must think hard about what prayer is and what happens as a result in our own hearts.

Forsyth helps you examine your own heart with complete ruthlessness, and yet the process does not result in fear, but joy. Joy, I think, because now we are freed a little more from the bondage of our perceived self and have come to know our real self. "The Soul of Prayer" is not a "quick fix" for obstacles in our prayer life, rather, it delves deeply into our motivations; into our values; into our convictions about why we are involved in prayer at all.

You will find numerous ideas in this book to which the only reasonable response is an immediate prayer of thanks to God. A book about prayer that prompts the reader to pray with each turned page is a book that should not be ignored. I highly recommend it.

—Robert Lagore

Quotes from The Soul of Prayer:

“The reason of much bewilderment about prayer is that we are less occupied about faith in God than faith in prayer…”

“The Christian at prayer is the secretary of Creation’s praise…”

“Prayer is the salvation of prayer. We pray for better prayer…”

“Prayer settles at least whether morality or machinery is to rule the world…”

“In prayer we do not so much work as interwork. We are fellow works with God in a reciprocity…”

“A growing child of God is always hungry…”

“Love loves to be told what it knows already. Every lover knows that…”

“Prayer is for the religious life what original research is for science—by it we get direct contact with reality…”

“Cast yourself into His arms not to be caressed but to wrestle with Him. He loves that holy war…”

About Peter Taylor Forsyth
Peter Taylor Forsyth (1848-1921) is sometimes described as an English precursor to Karl Barth. He was born in 1848 to a Scottish family of humble origins and later in life attended Aberdeen University, where he graduated with first-class honours in classical literature in 1869. In 1876 he was ordained and called to minister in Shipley, Yorkshire. In his early ministry in the Congregational Church, Forsyth fought orthodoxy and south for the right to rethink Christian theology and pursue liberal thought.

In 1878, however, Forsyth experienced a conversion from, in his own words, “being a Christian to being a believer, from a lover of love to an object of grace.” A profound awareness of pastoral responsibility was awakened which radically altered the course of his ministry.

His conversion thrust him from the leadership of liberalism to a recovery of the theology of grace. Quickly, he became one of the better-known figures in British Nonconformity. In 1894, he received a call to Emmanuel College in Cambridge, where he preached his famous sermon, "Holy Father" in 1896. In 1901, he accepted a position as principal of Hackney Theological College, London, where he remained until he died in 1921.

Over his lifetime Forsyth published 25 books and more than 260 articles. He is often credited with recovering for his generation the reality and true dimensions of the grace of God.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: The Inwardness of Prayer
Chapter II: The Naturalness of Prayer
Chapter III: The Moral Reactions of Prayer
Chapter IV: The Timeliness of Prayer
Chapter V: The Ceaselessness of Prayer
Chapter VI: The Vicariousness of Prayer
Chapter VII: The Insistency of Prayer

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