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Dispensationalism Eschatalogy (Endtimes) Ecclesiology Soteriology (Salvation) Bibliology (BibleDoctrine) Baptist Bible Interpretation Copyrighted

Max Younce

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Max Younce

About The Author
Dr. Younce has been in the ministry 40 years, having been ordained in 1970. He is a graduate of Florida Bible College and holds a Doctorate in Theology. He has pastored churches in Ohio, Indiana, Florida, and Minnesota. He is the founding pastor of Heritage Bible Church in Ohio and Heritage Baptist Bible Church in Walnut Grove, Minnesota. He and his wife, Marge, have made Walnut Grove their home since 1991.

Dr. Younce's ministry has always been motivated by a caring evangelistic outreach. Thirty-six years of radio and recently television, bear this out. Teaching is another characteristic of Dr. Younce's ministry. This is evidenced by the many Bible Institute courses he has taught over the years.

TheWord Edition
Other versions of Dr. Younce's books are available on the Internet. However, the books below were prepared from Dr. Younce's Microsoft Word documents, which resulted in superb formatting (not a copy and paste - pump and dump module). Dr. Younce gave us written permission to create, host, and distribute the books below in theWord format. We hope you enjoy the 15 megabytes of text Dr. Younce has prepared.

Files in This Collection
Younce, Max - I'm So Glad You Asked - 300 Bible Questions & Answers (2 Volumes)
Younce, Max - Who Can Forgive Sins: The Lutheran Minister, The Roman Catholic Priest, or Jesus Christ?
Younce, Max - A Biblical Examination of Baptism
Younce, Max - A Biblical Examination of Hell
Younce, Max - Face to Face with Tongues
Younce, Max - Martin Luther, Master of Deceit
Younce, Max - Not Chosen To Salvation
Younce, Max - Salvation and The Public Invitation
Younce, Max - Three Important Questions
Younce, Max - Truth About Evolution

For a detailed description of each book, see below the copyright notice.

Copyright © Max Younce. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

No portion of these publications may be reproduced, stored in any electronic system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the author. Brief quotations may be used in literary reviews.

Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are taken from the King James Translation of the Bible.

P.O. Box 573
Walnut Grove, MN 56180
Dr. Max D. Younce, Pastor
Web: www.heritagebbc.com

Printed in the USA By
Morris Publishing
3212 E. Hwy. 30
Kearney, NE 68847

I'm So Glad You Asked -300 Bible Questions Answered (2 vols)
Does baptism save me? Why do Christians struggle to defend a Young Earth theory? Do we need priests today? How old is the earth? Does the Bible contain lies? Why can't demons be saved? What are demons? Is there a contradiction about... ? Is homosexuality wrong? Is there really a literal hell? Is Revelation an allegorical story? What is the unpardonable sin? Does Revelation predict television? How did Catholics get their Bible? Are all Bible translations the same? Why is my popular Bible missing 64,000 words? Did God already decide ahead of time who would be saved? Did God know ahead of time who would be saved?

These are just a sampling of the questions Dr. Max Younce has answered in his 40 year ministry (many of them as a pastor). He summarized the most popular questions in this 2 volume book. Dr. Younce doesn't provide two or three sentence answers. Instead, he presents a thorough analysis of each question, always rooted in clearly explained scripture references.

This resource was not a copy/paste from a PDF, as you may have seen elsewhere. We carefully formatted the questions, indented scripture quotations, tooltipped the verses, and generally made the text readable in e-Sword format. We also have the author's written permission.

About Salvation and The Public Invitation
When we, as Christians, speak about or refer to God's Word, we should always strive to present it in simplicity. The greatest evangelist ever known, the Apostle Paul, stated in 2Co 1:12...

"For our rejoicing is this, the testimony of our conscience, that in SIMPLICITY and godly sincerity; not with fleshly wisdom, but by the grace of God, we had our conversation in the world, and more abundantly to you-ward."

Satan loves nothing more than to add something to God's simple plan of salvation so the listener will be blinded to the simplicity in Christ. Paul warned the Corinthians of this in 2Co 11:3...

"But I fear, least by any means, as the Serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the SIMPLICITY that is in Christ."

Dr. Younce has written this book to answer the use of the Public Invitation. This book is easy to read, examining many difficult Scriptures, and challenging you to search the Scriptures for yourself.

Will you accept that challenge and read "Salvation And The Public Invitation"?

About The Truth About Evolution Or; Don't Let Satan Make A Monkey Out of You!
This very thorough, 250 page book argues against two theories:The theory of evolution and the theory of a young earth.

If you need help in convincing someone why evolution is scientifically wrong and defies all logic and sense, the first part of this book is for you. Dr. Younce's illuminates all the holes in evolution and how the only place all the evidence exists as it's supposed to is on paper. The book reviews most of the major archaeological finds that supposedly support evolution, complete with pictures. Dr. Younce argues that evolution is not only a faulty theory to avoid needing God, but also a faulty theory to avoid needing a Savior, since mankind is always improving (on the way to perfection, presumably) under the theory.

Dr. Younce's argument against a young earth is the most compelling I've found anywhere. Dr. Younce ties Genesis with Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Job to show Biblical evidence for the Gap Theory--that there was indeed a gap between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2. The Genesis connection with the other books reveals Eve was not the first to sin. Satan was the first to sin when he rebelled against God. Satan inhabited the "Original Creation" of the earth, along with other angels. Dr. Younce presents scriptural evidence showing that Satan was already a "fallen angel" by the time he tempted Eve and the temptation of Eve was not Satan's downfall (that had already happened). In support of the Gap Theory, Dr. Younce shows compelling Hebrew language evidence, along with a substantial list of Bible scholars (and quotations from their books) who agree with him. This list alone makes this book worthwhile for research purposes.

Finally, Dr. Younce demonstrates that many Christians are guilty of the same junk and faulty science as evolutionists. He targets Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis, in a scathing review of Ham's claims, background, and qualifications. Younce's "tone" in this chapter might turn off some readers "on the fence" on this subject, and that's unfortunate, because Younce's overall points are very good. Dr. Younce believes false scientific claims cost souls, whether its convincing people to believe in evolution, or losing souls who believe science conflicts with the Bible, made possible by those like Ken Ham.

About Three Important Questions
When Did Christ Rise From The Grave?
This 38 page chapter has two diagrams, refuting the fallacy of Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Diagram A illustrates the twenty-four hours before the Crucifixion. We are introduced to the “cast of characters” during the chain of events from the Last Supper to Christ's death on the Cross, through the Resurrection. Diagram B is a time chart of the events during the trial and crucifixion of Christ, with an explanation. Other topics are “The Illegal Trial of Jesus;” “Order of Events After the Crucifixion;” “Explanation of Luke 24:21” Many difficult Scriptures are examined and explained.

Is God Unfair To The Heathen?
The answer is set forth in seven steps: One: God Knows What We Are Thinking. Two: Man Has An Inborn Knowledge of God. Three: Man's Responsibility. Four: God's Responsibility. Five: Even If All The Heathen Heard; Not All Heathen Would Be Saved. Six: Consider America Today. Seven: God Knows The Future.

Are We To Worship On Saturday?
Some hold that after the Resurrection of Christ, the Sabbath was changed to the first day of the week, Sunday, in commemoration of the Resurrection. Another view is that the Moral Law, the Ten Commandments, have never been done away with; so, that we are still to worship on Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath. Still another view set forth is that, after the Resurrection of Christ, the Law including the Sabbath was fulfilled by Christ, who is the "end of the Law."

About Not Chosen To Salvation
Does mankind have free will? Are we actors on a stage with no choice? Did God choose ahead of time who would be saved? Did God know ahead of time who would be saved? Is the doctrine of election Biblical?

"The purpose of this book is four-fold; to show that God is justified in judging the lost, to illuminate the false doctrine of election and pre-destination concerning salvation and service, to reveal that man is totally responsible for his actions and decisions, to repudiate the mutilation and distortion of God's Word in Dr. Nettleton's book, 'Chosen to Salvation.' "

About Who Can Forgive Sins
This book answers the question of who can forgive sins: The Lutheran Minister, The Catholic Priest, Or Jesus Christ? Dr. Younce shows how scripture is misinterpreted by these groups and that Christ is the only mediator.

A Biblical Examination of Baptism
"Nowhere in the Bible was anyone ever baptized; until after they were saved!" -- Dr. Max Younce.

From the Cover Page
The Bible teaches that, whether you are older or a young person, baptism comes after salvation and has nothing to do with getting you to Heaven. Do you believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died on the Cross to pay for your sins, plus nothing? No works, no church membership or ritual, just "...believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved." --Acts 16:31.

Then, this book has accomplished its goal.

About A Biblical Examination of Hell
Can hell be explained away as allegorical, parables, and symbolical stories never to be taken literally? It's popular in Christianity now to present such views, but Dr. Younce disagrees.

Dr. Younce presents a wealth of information as he makes the scriptural case for hell. In the preface, the author says: "This is by no means an exhaustive study on this subject, but rather charts and comments to help clarify much misunderstanding concerning the subject of Hell." But I would argue that Dr. Yonce's analysis of hell is the most comprehensive resource on the subject currently available for e-Sword. Dr. Younce addresses the new trend in popular Christianity that seeks to disprove hell. Dr. Younce also expresses his extreme dissatisfaction with modern Bible translations attempting to do obscure or eliminate hell from the Bible.

About Face to Face with Tongues - A Verse by Verse Examination and Exposition On the Subject of Tongues
From the Preface: "If tongues are for today, I want them. If tongues are not for today, I do not want to be deceived. The only way for any person to be convinced is if they are willing take the word of God, examine it honestly, and stand 100%..."

Dr. Younce believes if Tongues are from the Spiritual world, they're either of God or of Satan--it must be either one or the other. Dr. Younce makes a compelling case that Tongues are not for today. Dr. Younce concludes that Tongues were needed in New Testament times to authenticate the message and the messenger, and to spread the gospel to languages that those preaching could not speak. Dr. Younce examines the usual scriptures used to justify tongues, including Acts, 1 Corinthians, and Mark and shows how everything about their usage then differs today--in practice, in motive, and in circumstance. The author concludes that today's use of Tongues is not Biblical.

If you don't want to read the whole book, you can read the final chapter which presents a nice summary of Younce's arguments and the questions Tongues advocates must answer about Scripture.

From the opening chapter:

"There are four reasons the tongues of today cannot be that of Pentecost:

Wrong Motive. The languages spoken on Pentecost were spoken for God's glory. You do not find in Acts 2:1-47 where any of those that spoke in tongues (languages) ever used this to judge the spirituality of other persons or themselves. Tongues advocates claim this for their glory as a sign of their mature spirituality. Yes, they say it comes from God--praising Jesus! But, in reality, they glory in their own manifestation of speaking in tongues as "evidence" of the Spirit's working in them.

Wrong Purpose. On the Day of Pentecost, God wanted His word preached so that all would understand, regardless of nationality. That was God's purpose and He accomplished it. Is this the purpose of tongues speakers today? If so, why do they not go to the foreign fields with God’s Word and not waste time training in the language schools. If they want all nations to hear, as the Lord did, why are they not preaching in tongues to the various nationalities abroad? (I understand those who actually try this are soon home again! ) No, their purpose is not that of the Lord’s, nor do their activities match what took place on Pentecost.

Wrong Manifestation. Of all the nationalities present on the Day of Pentecost, each one understood. I have never been in a tongues meeting yet where anybody understood, let alone those speaking a foreign language. Something is wrong. The problem: It is not the same thing that took place on the Day of Pentecost.

Wrong Spirit. It is either the Spirit of the Lord of the spirit of the Anti-Christ. You may say, "This is too narrow-minded." Do you remember what the Lord told the Church of Laodicea in Rev 3:15-16"

About Martin Luther, Master of Deceit
Dr. Younce takes issue with a number of Martin Luther's teachings, as shown in the table of contents at the bottom of this file listing.

This quote is from Chapter 8:

"Few people are more misunderstood in America than Martin Luther. For most Americans Luther is seen as a kind of German counterpart to America's founding fathers, fighting for free speech and religious tolerance. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Luther's courageous and vital role in successfully toppling the Catholic Church from its dominant position in Europe did not lead to a world view that endorsed civil liberties. Luther's replacement for the Catholic church in Germany was a religious system dominated by the power of the German kings and princes, the beginning of a process of political fragmentation in Germany that would lead to the Thirty Years War, and one of the greatest disasters in modern European history where one third of all the German people would perish under appalling circumstances.

The legal structure of the Lutheran church in Germany, which he created, would be a major factor in Nazi Germany. The Lutheran pastors were employees of the Prussian state. In other words they got their paychecks from Hitler.

Luther was a man consumed by various hatreds. His hatred of the Catholic Church was accompanied by an equally virulent hatred of both democracy and the Jews. During the peasants revolt Luther called for the most ferocious measures possible by the German nobles to wipe out the power of the peasants.

Luther was totally opposed to the idea of religious freedom. Had a modem American evangelist like Billy Graham come to Saxony, he would not have met a happy fate. Luther hated the Baptists and urged that they be executed. Luther also strongly supported the use of the death penalty for many other Christian 'heresies.' ..."

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