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Download The Works of John Howe (Puritan) (3 Vol in 1 Module) 2.0

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Calvinism Puritan Theology Proper (NatureOfGod) Sermons/Outlines
Rev. John Howe

theWord Version:
3.x - 4.x

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Puritans, Sermons, Calvinist

*UPDATED* The update from version 1 to version 2 is a major one. Spacing has been corrected for all three of these enormous volumes. Countless punctuation corrections have been made (uppercase letters). Countless instances of emboldening where appropriate (titles, headings, etc.) have been made. In all, literally thousands of formatting enhancements and corrections have been made. While I have attempted to make as many corrections as possible, it is also possible I may have introduced new punctuation errors in the titles, and overlooked missed other punctuation errors. I have not proofread these public domain texts, but they originate from Logos (a trustworthy source). Please understand I am but one person working on these as the Lord permits and motivates. Please understand that it is highly unlikely I will get back to working on this particular module for some time. I need to move on to other module projects. God bless and SOLI DEO GLORIA!



of the

Rev. John Howe, M.A.

As Published During his Life


The Whole of the two Folio Volumes,

Edit. 1724


A Life of the Author,

by the

Rev. J. P. Hewlett,

In Three Volumes

The Works of John Howe in 3 Volumes

Reprinted in 1848 by William Tegg and Co., London

Contents of Vol. I (the Red highlighting is only used here to highlight a few works)


Life of the Author

The Living Temple, Part I

The Living Temple, Part II


Yield Yourselves to God

Enmity and Reconciliation between God and Man

Sermon I., on Enmity

Sermon II., on Reconciliation

Man’s Creation in a Holy but Mutable State

On Delighting in God—Part I

On Delighting in God—Part II

Contents of Vol. II

The Blessedness of the Righteous

The Vanity of Man as Mortal

The Redeemer’s Tears wept over Lost Souls

Appendix to the Redeemer’s Tears

Of Thoughtfulness for the Morrow

Appendix—On the Immoderate Desire of Knowing Things to Come

Of Charity in Reference to Other Men’s Sins

On the Divine Prescience

Postscript on the Divine Prescience

Inquiry concerning the Possibility of a Trinity

Letters to Dr. Wallis on the Trinity

Sixteen Summary Propositions on the Trinity

Letter to a Friend, on a Postscript relating to the Calm Inquiry

View of the Late Considerations addressed to H. H. about the Trinity


Contents of Vol. III

The Redeemer’s Dominion over the Invisible World

Patience in Expectation of Future Blessedness

Appendix—Containing some Memorial of Dr. Henry Sampson

The Carnality of Religious Contention. Sermon I

The Carnality of Religious Contention. Sermon II

Union among Protestants

Deliverance from the Power of Darkness

On Prayer from the Name of God

Peace Considered as God’s Blessing. A Thanksgiving Sermon

The Duty of Civil Magistrates

On the Inquiry—Whether or no we truly Love God

Funeral Sermons

Mrs. Esther Sampson—Satan’s Malice in Inflicting, and Christ’s Compassion in Curing, Diseases

Queen Mary—Heaven a State of Perfection

Mrs. Margaret Baxter—The Good Man’s Desire of being absent from the Body, in order to his being present with the Lord

Mrs. Judith Hammond—The Christian’s Triumph over Death

Funeral Sermons for Ministers

Rev. Richard Fairclough—The Faithful Servant Applauded and Rewarded

Rev. Richard Adams, M.A.

Rev. William Bates, D.D.

Rev. Matthew Mead

Rev. Peter Vink, B.D.

Letters and Papers on Nonconformity

A Letter Concerning Dr. Stillingfleet’s Sermon

Some Consideration of a Preface to an Inquiry Concerning the Occasional Conformity of Dissenters, &c.

Letter to Dr. Barlow, bishop of Lincoln

Letter to his Congregation on his leaving England, (1685)

Case of the Protestant Dissenters Represented and Argued

Humble Requests both to Conformists and Dissenters on the Passing of the Act of Toleration

A Letter to a Person of Honour on Occasional Conformity (posthumous)


To Lady Russell, on the Execution of Lord Russell

To a Friend, on the loss of an excellent Wife

To a Gentlewoman, on the loss of a beloved Daughter

To a New Married Couple

To a Lady, on the loss of her Parents

To the same, on the Death of a most hopeful Son

Three Letters to Mr. Spilsbury

Prefaces and Dedications

Dedication prefixed to the third volume of Dr. Manton’s Works

Prefaces to Manton’s Sermons

Preface to Chorlton’s Funeral Sermon for Rev. Henry Newcome

Preface to Flavel’s Discourse on Mental Errors

Preface to Corbet’s Self-Employment


On a Particular Faith in Prayer

Epitaph on the Monumental Slab of the Rev. George Hughes

Passages in Mr. Howe’s Study Bible

Funeral Sermon for Mr. John Howe, by John Spademan

Textual Index

Index of Subjects

About the Author:

"John Howe was born in 1630, the son of a British clergyman. He was educated at Cambridge and Magdalen College, and became a Puritan minister. Famous for day–long church services, Howe gave up his church when the Act of Uniformity was passed in 1662. Before the Declaration of Indulgence in 1687 by James II, allowing religious freedom, Howe was a chaplain, as well as a private pastor. In 1687, he returned to his church in London, where he served till his death in 1705." Logos Bible Software Product Description

This public domain resource is free, through reading this resource, may God bless you richly, according to His will, for His eternal glory. amen.

What's New in Version 2.0 (See full changelog)

  • All Content links implimented by calvinist4life, portraits added by calvinist4life, additions to table of contents created by calvinist4life, about the author information originates from the web (links provided). None of the content has been edited or altered or abridged and originates from a trustworthy source.


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