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  • Tab Name: Niles, James - OUR ANOINTING in LORD JESUS CHRIST

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James Niles

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Author's Preface

This book introduces the complex subject of the personal anointing. The subject is introduced within an analytical framework of the law governing it, the attributes comprising it, and above all, the GOD WHOSE presence and will alone manifests the anointing - both, upon us and within us. The purpose of this book is to aid our understanding of the anointing that conies upon us and, the anointing that works within us. More importantly, it will enable us to understand how to allow the anointing of CHRIST to work the greatest benefit according to GOD's will for our lives.

Part of the complexity of this subject arises from the apparent complex of spiritual laws that govern the anointing and its manifestation. Is there a structure to this apparent maze of spiritual laws? The answer is a resounding yes! And the law governing the anointing (amongst other things) is called the law of the SPIRIT of life in CHRIST JESUS (Rom_8:2).

Another aspect of this complexity is in relation to the subject of the inner workings of our human person. The inner workings of heart and mind; and, the complexity of the heart and mind in the context of our spirit and soul. As we will discover, our heart and mind functions have soul and spirit functions and "dimensions", which we need to understand and utilize in the way GOD wants us to.

With this in mind, the subject of the Baptism Of The HOLY SPIRIT is discussed in terms specific to its impact on the functioning of our spirit man. And there is some discussion on the differences between soul and spirit motivated spiritual growth and the "empowering" received in the Baptism. The experiences of the mystics are glanced at in passing, not with the purpose of generating controversy, but with the view of opening our eyes to the dimensions of the anointing that are available to us through the SPIRIT of CHRIST.

So for the sake of completeness of presentation, the realm of deep communion is presented as part of the spiritual realm of expression governed by the law of the SPIRIT of life in CHRIST JESUS. We however, do not discuss this realm in this book.

In defining the building blocks that open into the realm of communion (in terms of prayer, worship and contemplation) we have chosen to define contemplation as a word denominated process.

Traditionally, contemplation has been linked with all three aspects of prayer, worship and the word. It has also been presented as a soul and spirit function that focuses into GOD. In this book we have chosen to define contemplation as a spirit function (and meditation as a soul function). And, we have also chosen to define the contemplative aspects of prayer and worship simply as communion. So, we have chosen to define contemplation as a word denominated function that also enters the realm of communion. [This definition is derived from Heb_10:19-20 interpreted in the context of Joh_6:53; Joh_6:56-57 and Mat_4:4; Mat_6:11.] The reason is because we introduce the subject of an "inner word construct" as being the necessary basis for spirit based consecration, as opposed to soul based consecration that gives rise to the traditional concept of contemplation.

The reason for highlighting the inner word construct is because there is real power in the word that becomes "spirit and life" in us. That is, there is a process by which the word is able to become an actual part of us - as substance (spirit and life) of our own spirit man. In the NASB, the Greek word "hupostasis" is used to present faith as a "substance" in Heb_11:1 and, in Heb_1:3 as GOD's "nature" that ties in with the word of CHRIST'S power! Isa_66:2 opens a realm where trembling at the word of GOD [which is a part of the (definitive) substance of HIS nature] enables entry into a select position in GOD's eyes. So there is a supernatural realm of the word which, if contemplated in the spirit heart and mind functions - into YAHWEH through the SPIRIT of CHRIST, will be more powerful in its transforming impacts than what the mystics talked about. That is, it will release a greater realm of grace towards us to enable us to at least experience some of what they experienced.

Notwithstanding these complexities, we all need to understand that the anointing is intimately concerned with the workings of our inner man and the reality of our relationship with GOD. So this is not a theological book, rather it is a book that presents the anointing in a manner that will enable deeper pursuit through the word, rather than to express this realm as if it were purely experiential and therefore personal to people like the mystics.

The anointing is a subject for every person in the Church and it is accessible at different levels. Communion too is accessible to all in the Church - at different levels [and this is the true reason as to why GOD wants us Baptised in the HOLY SPIRIT and Fire] - and is not something exclusive to the mystics; although, there is no doubt that the mystics entered very deep realms of communion. The message in this book is that all of us can enter some realm of communion and it is GOD's purpose for us to really understand and know HIM (Jer_9:23-24). It is HIS covenant with us (Jer_31:31-34). After all, we do call ourselves HIS children!

1Th_5:23 clearly tells us that we are in three parts: spirit, soul and body. We know GOD works with our spirit (see Eze_36:25-27; Joh_3:3-6) through our faith in CHRIST, and that through our spirit, GOD transforms our soul. And through the perfected attributes of our soul, our flesh is brought in submission. However, we need to understand that GOD works with us in the framework of something called the anointing. And, it is the attributes of the anointing in our spirit man that power the transformation of our soul.

This anointing - which is part of our covenant in CHRIST - enables the building of the perfection of CHRIST into us in a process that is referred to as "being perfected in CHRIST". This is why this book is called “Our Anointing In The LORD JESUS CHRIST".

We all acknowledge that CHRIST died to enable the manifestation of a new man in each one of us. The obvious question is how exactly is this done?
The anointing of CHRIST within us - which we call the inward anointing - defines the "structure" within which this process of our perfecting is established. But there is more, the anointing also enables this process to take place because there is an attribute of power or strength manifest in the anointing itself, that the SPIRIT of CHRIST uses to work the anointing, in terms of a growth form in CHRIST'S image, into us. The anointing, as we shall discover, is the "power" CHRIST perfected in HIMSELF through Calvary (Eph_3:20 Posted Image. The anointing expresses the TRUE MAN in WHOSE image we are to be conformed; ultimately, in perfection.

The anointing is important because it is the way in which GOD has chosen to mold us. This is something that is realisable in very practical everyday terms. The attributes of the anointing open a vast and potentially limitless realm of experience to us in GOD - the FATHER, the WORD and the HOLY SPIRIT. The HOLY SPIRIT is the ONE WHO opens this realm to us experientially as the Helper, Teacher, Comforter, Counselor, Strengthener, Intercessor, Advocate and Standby.

But, this is a realm to be understood (or, discerned) and lived in terms of JESUS our LORD WHO said "I AM The Bread Of Life", "I AM The Light Of The World", "I AM The Door", "I AM The Good Shepherd"; "I AM The Resurrection And The Life", "I AM The Way, The Truth and The Life", and "I AM The True Vine". Each of these "I AM" statements are related to the anointing in the sense that they express the dimensions in which the LORD can become real to us through the medium of the anointing. In this book we have chosen to explain these statements in terms of the attribute of the Spirit Of Understanding only; because, understanding is the key to true fellowship. But, the application of these statements is actually all encompassing in terms of all of the attributes of the inward anointing.

Ultimately, the anointing opens into the realm of the FATHERhood of GOD, a subject not addressed in any depth in this book. But, we need to understand that the anointing is the FATHER'S way of putting us together - in HIS perfection - so that we can truly function as HIS children. This book is designed to open our eyes so that we may each see in a small way the wonder of YAHWEH-JIREH (Our Provider). And, that this provision is an experiential reality within us!

The subject of the anointing will be something that will thrill us through eternity, as we continue to discover the unending blessing that YAHWEH has designed into it as part of HIS FATHERhood. This revelation has been an awesome blessing to me. It is my prayer that the LORD will bless you with even deeper revelation of HIS PERSON. In the matchless name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST, may you truly discover and grow in “Our Anointing In The LORD JESUS CHRIST." AMEN!

James Niles

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