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Download Bullinger, E.W. - Great Cloud of Witnesses in Hebrews Eleven 1.0

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Exegesis Hebrews Bretheren
Bullinger, E.W.

theWord Version:
3.x - 4.x

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Great Cloud

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Graphics re-inserted; Hebrew and Greek properly converted, proper fonts, proper colors; hiearchial book/chapter system used.

Theology Summary: Great Cloud of Witnesses in Hebrews Eleven is the the best exegetical commentary ever written on the passage. I couldn't possibly say it any better than Warren Wiersbe already has (see Foreword below).

About Great Cloud of Witnesses in Hebrews Eleven
In this excellent and truly classic exegetical study, distinguished scholar E. W. Bullinger examines great heroes of the faith: Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and many others. Their shining examples show believers today how faith can be lived daily and purposefully.

Bullinger provides nearly 500 pages of trustworthy and encouraging commentary that will strengthen the minds and hearts of preachers and followers alike. Through these expositional and devotional lessons, Bullinger introduces fourteen practical elements of faith, including walk with God, worship, witness, obedience, and suffering.

“I know of no other book on Hebrews 11 in the English language that contains more solid spiritual teaching and practical truth than this one. Far from being an ‘ivory tower’ commentary, this book touches life and makes living by faith an exciting and practical experience.”

—Warren W. Wiersbe

Foreword by Warren Wiersbe (from the Kregel Publications reprint of 1979)
Apart from the standard commentaries on Hebrews, you will not find many volumes devoted to the "heroes of the faith" listed in Heb_11:1-40. Dr. G. Campbell Morgan's The Triumphs of Faith is an excellent series of sermons, but it is not an exegetical study of the chapter. The careful expositor of the Word needs exegetical tools that will help him mine the ore for himself, and then mint it into coins of truth for wide circulation.

One such tool is Great Cloud of Witnesses in Hebrews Eleven by Dr. Ethelbert William Bullinger. I know of no other book on Hebrews Eleven in the English language that contains more solid spiritual teaching and practical truth than this one. Far from being an "ivory tower" commentary, this book touches life and makes living by faith an exciting and practical experience.

Dr. Bullinger held some doctrinal views that perhaps some of us might not agree with; but this disagreement must not rob us of the blessings of his written ministry. He was a careful student of the Word and a recognized scholar in the field of Biblical languages. In fact, the Archbishop of Canterbury granted him an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree in 1881 in recognition of his Biblical scholarship.

If this is your first meeting with Dr. Bullinger, you may be perplexed by his analytical outlines in Scripture passages. He was a great believer in the inspiration of The Scriptures and in the order in which God revealed truth. His massive work, Figures of Speech Used in the Bible, shows how carefully he examined the text and sought to unlock its meaning. To him, the analysis of the total passage and the exegesis of the individual words and phrases must go together. The complete working out of his principle is seen in this monumental volume, The Companion Bible, a valuable tool for the serious Bible student, even if he does not follow Bullinger's system of interpretation.

Bullinger was born in Canterbury, England on December 15, 1837. His early training was in music, but his greatest joy was Bible study. He trained for the Anglican Church ministry at King's College, London, showing great skill in the study and use of Biblical languages. For a short time he served as the curate at Bermondsley Abbey Church on Tooley Street in London, near the London Bridge. His personal views of Scripture led him into an independent ministry, including the publishing of a Bible study magazine, Things to Come. He died in London on June 6, 1913.

I predict that your use of this excellent book will not only make you a better student of the Word but also a better follower of the Lord.

—Warren W. Wiersbe
(Foreword Copyright 1979 by Kregel Publications)

Table of Contents

01. Introduction

02.-----The Scope of the Chapter
03.-----Reckoning by Faith (Heb_11:3)
04.-----Faith [Cometh] by Hearing
05.-----"Hearing [Cometh] by the Word of God"
06. Abel: Faith's Worship of God (Heb_11:4)
07.-----The Two Ways of Access
08.-----The Two Ways of Worship
09.-----Abel's Faith: the Witness God Bore
10.-----The Witness Abel Obtained
11.-----"The Blood of Abel" and "The Way of Cain"
12. Enoch: Faith's Walk with God
13.-----"The Seventh from Adam"
14.-----"Before his Translation"
15.-----"He well-pleased God"
16. Noah: Faith's Witness for God
17.-----"The Eighth Person"
18.-----"Warned of God"
19.-----"A Preacher of Righteousness"
20. Abraham: Faith's Obedience
21.-----"He was called" "He went out"
22.-----"He Sojourned, Dwelling in Tents"
23.-----"He Looked for a City"
24.-----"When he was Tried... Offered up his Only Son"
25.-----"Abraham Believed God"
26. Sarah: Faith's Conclusion
27. Isaac: Faith Overcoming "The Will of the Flesh"
28. Jacob: Faith Overcoming "The Will of Man"
29. Joseph: Faith's Waiting
30. Moses' Parents: Faith Overcoming the Fear of Man
31. Moses: Faith Overcoming the Praise of Man
32.-----He refused... He chose... He esteemed
33.-----"He Forsook Egypt"
34.-----He Kept the Passover
35. Israel: Faith's Obedience
36.-----They Passed through the Red Sea
37.-----"The Walls of Jericho Fell Down"
38. Rahab: Faith's Conclusion
39. The First Group
40.-----Gideon: Faith Conquering through God
41.-----Barak: Faith Conquering through God
42.-----Samson: Faith Conquering through God
43.-----Jephthah: Faith Conquering through God
44.-----David, and Samuel, and the Prophets: Faith Conquering through God
45. The Second Group: Faith's Suffering FOR God
46.-----"Had Trial of Cruel Mockings and Scourgings"
47.-----"Bonds and Imprisonment"
48.-----"They were Stoned" (Heb_11:37)
49.-----"Were Sawn Asunder"
50.-----"Were Tempted"
51.-----"Were Slain with the Sword"" (Heb_11:37)"
52.-----"They Wandered about in Sheepskins and Goatskins"
53.-----"Being Destitute, Afflicted, Tormented"
54.-----"Of Whom the World was Not Worthy"" (Heb_11:38)"
55.-----"They Wandered in Deserts, and in Mountains, and in Dens and Caves of the Earth" (Heb_11...
56. General Reflections, Heb_11:39-40
57. Conclusion



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