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  • theWord Version: 3.x - 4.x
  • Tab Name: CFIndex

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theWord Module Download:
Download Church Fathers (Ante-Nicene, Nicene, and Post Nicene) Scripture Reference Link Commentary 2.0

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Whole Bible History Church History

theWord Version:
3.x - 4.x

Tab Name:

note: this download is mirrored to google drive because the file size is over 150 MB.

This download includes the church father's module from theWord.net that includes the Ante, Nicene, and Post Nicene fathers. It has been indexed to a commentary file with Pastor Baldwin's tool. http://www.wordmodul...tool-for-books/

The commentary file is called CFIndex. This version of the church Father's module has book marks inserted next to each scripture reference. The commentary file is linked to these bookmarks. It is very easy to see all of the references to the verses in the last 12 verses of Mark for example... some of them very early.

Many of the scripture references are in the footnotes of each entry in the church fathers module. This commentary link will take you directly to the foot note. Raymond helped me add links to the footnotes so you can click on the footnote number and it will take you to the appropriate place in the text.

You will need this version of the church Fathers module because the book marks have been inserted. When theWord gets this function built in, you will want to delete this version of the church Fathers module and re download from theWord.net.

I made this file for myself because I find indexing of book modules very useful. I know theWord will be developing in this area at some point, so this will not be needed anymore. I was too impatient to wait, so I have been making/using commentaries to index book modules.

Usually a good commentary index includes many book files, the church father's module is so big, that I made just this one file into a commentary index.


What's New in Version 2.0 (See full changelog)

  • 2.0 Raymond helped me upgrade the footnotes with links to make this even more useful!

All, if you were one of the 10-15 people who downloaded this originally, Raymond helped me update the footnotes so that they have links to take you to the footnote in the text. This will make the module even more useful. Please re-download if you downloaded the 1st version.
Nice concept!

Andrew_Chapman, on 17 December 2012 - 04:24 PM, said:

Hi, I installed these. I have the commentary index open in one book view and the church fathers in another. When I click on a reference in the index, nothing seems to happen. What am I doing wrong? Does it matter in which order one installs the modules - I did the church fathers .gbk first, then the index .cmt? Thanks for your help, Andrew

Hi Andrew,
I just saw your note. Are you still having problems?
Thanks, it's all I needed. I will try and I hope it does work! God bless!
Thank you very much, the work is great!

If I could suggest some improvement (a huge task, indeed), it would be some hierarchy in the links. I mean, to put first, the commentaries which deal directly in the Bible passage. For example, if we read Genesis 1, to display first the commentaries which deal on Genesis, since there is a lot of commentaries on other topics which quote Genesis 1 only as an example or confirmation of some idea, and follow quickly on other matters. I think, however, there is no way to automatize such kind of improvement... Thank you again, even so, your work is truly amazing!
Regarding the issue by Andrew:


Hi, I installed these. I have the commentary index open in one book view and the church fathers in another. When I click on a reference in the index, nothing seems to happen. What am I doing wrong? Does it matter in which order one installs the modules - I did the church fathers .gbk first, then the index .cmt? Thanks for your help, Andrew

I think the "problem" comes from the hierarchy within theWord linking system: first and foremost, the Bible; the Bible leads to the commentary; and the commentary may lead us again to the Bible. So, the way the module works seems to be: we open the index module; the link open, in the same window, the commentary. What about if we want to return to the Index. Well, we may simply use the navigating green arrow, and turn back in the book view to the Index; or else, we may simply click again on the Bible link to the commentary. We have no crossed links between two books, but this seems to work as a "triangle" between the Holy Bible, the Index and the Church Fathers module.

Maybe Peter could create some kind of crossed links, so that we could turn back from the Church Fathers commentaries to the Index module. But I hope these hints are right and may help to clarify the way of working with this marvelous module.

Thanks again and again!

The commentary was generated with an autmated tool. As you say, it would be a massive undertaking to organize the links better.

I believe that theWord will one day have indexing built in. I am not sure how long it will be until theWord has this feature, so I made this resource available. With that information, I do not believe it is worth the effort to imporve this any further.

I like to look things up in the church fathers from time to time and this made it easier to find things I was looking for.

Is there any way to use this module on the iPad? Whether using e-sword HD or iBible-Study HD. I was able to open the modules on iBible-Study HD but the index links didn't work. Any help would be much appreciated.
Roman numericals are always annoying and useless. They should be avoided everywhere. Homilies of Chrysostom needs to have correct titles such as Homily 28 should be .
Saint Chrysostom: Homilies on the Gospel of St. John and the Epistle to the Hebrews
Not only am I quite surprised this module is available to the public (for free), I was even more surprised to discover I had this module already installed but had no idea its purpose. I found something similar a few years ago in print, but never dreamed it would make its way to this bible program. Outstanding work. This has taken literally years of reading off my life. I added the Church Fathers to my library primarily for the search capability. But, now, I can direct questions about individual verses with pinpoint accuracy without having to guess on a search criteria.

Again, you have saved me countless hours of reading with this module. Thank you so very much.
It looks like this module is no longer available from the Google Drive link.

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