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  • Author: Alexander Campbell
  • theWord Version: 3.x - 4.x
  • Tab Name: Campbell - Christian System

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Alexander Campbell

theWord Version:
3.x - 4.x

Tab Name:
Campbell - Christian System

This, the second edition of Campbell's The Christian System (1839), appears with over twice the pages of the original edition (1835), mostly because of inquiries seeking more specifics regarding the items contained within the 1st version. In it, Campbell states:

"The principle which was inscribed upon our banners when we withdrew from the ranks of the sects, was, 'Faith in Jesus as the true Messiah, and obedience to him as our Lawgiver and King, the ONLY TEST of Christian character, and the ONLY BOND of Christian union, communion, and co-operation, irrespective of all creeds, opinions, commandments, and traditions of men.'"

The table of contents is listed below. Everything from chapter 29 onward is new to the second edition.

Original Preface
Preface to the Second Edition

1. The Universe
2. The Bible
3. God
4. The Son of God
5. The Spirit of God
6. Man as He Was
7. Man as He Is
8. The Purposes of God Concerning Man
9. Religion for Man, not Man for Religion
10. Sacrifice for Sin
11. The Attributes of a Real Sin-Offering
12. Christ, the Light of the World
13. The Lordship of the Messiah
14. Faith in Christ
15. Repentance
16. Baptism
17. The Christian Confession of Faith
18. Conversion and Regeneration
19. Christians are Persons Pardoned, Justified, Sanctified, Adopted, Saved
20. The Gift of the Holy Spirit
21. The Christian Hope
22. The Doom of the Wicked
23. Summary of the Christian System of Facts.
24. The Body of Christ
25. The Christian Ministry
26. The Christian Discipline
27. Expediency
28. Heresy
29. Foundation of Christian Union - Introduction
30. Foundation of Christian Union - Fact
31. Foundation of Christian Union - Testimony
32. Foundation of Christian Union - Faith
33. Foundation of Christian Union - Confirmation of the Testimony
34. Foundation of Christian Union - Fundamental Fact
35. Foundation of Christian Union - Purity of Speech
36. Kingdom of Heaven - Table of Contents
37. Kingdom of Heaven - Patriarchal Age of the World
38. Kingdom of Heaven - The Jewish Institution
39. Kingdom of Heaven - The Kingdom of Heaven
40. Kingdom of Heaven - The Elements of the Kingdom
41. Kingdom of Heaven - The Coming of the Kingdom
42. Kingdom of Heaven - The Present Administration of the Kingdom
43. Remission of Sins - Table of Contents
44-55. Remission of Sins - 12 Propositions
56. Remission of Sins - Objections
57. Remission of Sins - Recapitulation
58. Remission of Sins - Conclusions
59. Remission of Sins - Effects of Modern Christianity
60. Regeneration - Introduction
61. Regeneration - Repentance
62. Regeneration - Reformation
63. Regeneration - Regeneration
64. Regeneration - Bath of Regeneration
65. Regeneration - New Birth
66. Regeneration - Renewing of the Holy Spirit
67. Regeneration - The New Life
68. Regeneration - Physical Regeneration
69. Regeneration - The Use of the Theory of Regeneration
70. Regeneration - The Regeneration of the Church
71. Regeneration - The Regeneration of the World
72. Regeneration - The Regeneration of the Heavens and the Earth
73-80. Breaking the Loaf (Introduction, 7 Propositions, Objections)
81. Concluding Address - Address to the Citizens of the Kingdom
82. Concluding Address - A Word to Friendly Aliens
83. Concluding Address - Address to Belligerent Aliens

Be Careful. The Author of this book is the founder of the Campbellites. A heretical group latter known as Christian Restorationists, who taught that all churches before them taught heresy and that they only taught the truth. They proclaimed that Baptism is needed for salvation, what Spurgeon preached on as "Baptismal Regeneration. They are NOT considered Christian, but an off shoot of Christianity that is not considered Orthodox.

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