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Download The Popular Commentary - Paul Kretzmann (4 Volumes)

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Paul Kretzman

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The Popular Commentary

By Paul Kretzmann, M.A., Ph.D, D.D., is a commentary made for the people. The point of this commentary is to show that the Bible can be understood. There are no long dissertations on Greek words or manuscript differences. This commentary is based on the King James Version, and was never copyrighted (and even if it had been, the copyright would have been expired by now). It was originally released in four volumes (two NT followed by two OT) between 1921 and 1924. In all, there is over 3,000 pages of notes in this commentary set.

From the forward

Dr. Kretzmann's Popular Commentary possesses a unique distinction. It is not a scientific or critical commentary in the sense in which these terms are usually employed. It contains no detailed discussions of grammatical technicalities, of etymology, of variations in the manuscripts, and of heterodox opinions. Its aims are practical; it is a commentary for the people. Its purpose is to open to the common people the portals to the marvelous treasure house of God's wisdom, not in order that people might admire the golden portals, but that they might adore the divine fullness of God's wisdom and truth. ...It is a popular commentary in the truest sense of the term; a commentary for the people, and offering to the people nothing but unalloyed exposition of the Bible.

About the commentaries

This four volume-set (two OT volumes, two NT volumes) contains 37 megabytes of text (no images).

Important Note:

The Old Testament and New Testaments are formatted differently, because that is how they were formatted in the original work. The OT section features the notes interspersed with the text of the verses. For example, here is Isaiah 7:14:

v. 14. Therefore the Lord Himself, in a significant revelation of His almighty power, shall give you a sign, cause a miracle to happen which would have abiding significance. Behold, an exclamation calling attention to the extraordinary prophecy now following, a virgin, literally, "the virgin," that certain virgin whom the Lord had even now selected for this purpose, not merely an unwed woman of marriageable age, but an undefiled maiden, Psa_68:25; Mat_1:25, shall conceive, without the carnal knowledge of man, and bear a son, the event being represented as happening now, in the everlasting present of the eternal God, and shall call His name Immanuel, which is correctly interpreted by Matthew as meaning, "God with us. " This name characterizes the person, the essence, and the work of the Messiah. The son of the virgin, conceived and born a true human being, yet without sin, is at the same time true, almighty, eternal God. It is the great mystery of godliness: God manifest in the flesh, the true Savior, Protector, and Helper of all men.

The New Testament has the verses first, followed by the comments. For example, here is Matthew 1:18:

At this critical juncture, Joseph proved himself all that a true Christian should be:

v. 19. Then Joseph, her husband, being a just man, and not willing to make her a public example, was minded to put her away privily.

Unable to believe her innocent, which in the face of the evidence must have been beyond the average man's strength, he nevertheless found a way out of the difficult dilemma. As the betrothed husband he had the husband's rights and responsibilities. And he was a just man, righteous, a respecter of the Law, which was especially strict and uncompromising on the subject of infidelity in the woman, Deu_22:22-24. Yet he did not wish to expose Mary publicly and thus heap ignominy and shame upon her, for she was the woman to whom he had given the love of a husband. His humaneness and benevolence, his affection, were put to a severe test. But the result of his weighing the matter was that he did not choose strict measures, resolving rather upon a quiet cancellation of the bond of betrothal, without assigning a cause, in order that her life might be saved. Justice was tempered by mercy.

A Note of Thanks:

Thanks to Patchworkid who had help from Raymond for going through the trouble of getting the verse notations. Thanks to Josh for a clean, uniform text to work with. Thanks to Brent for creating ToolTipTool NT and for putting up with my questions as I worked through this. Also thanks to Bill Gates for Microsoft Word. But most of all, thanks to the Father of lights, from whom all good gifts come.

Well done, my good man!

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