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  • Tab Name: Prayers of the Bible with their Answers

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Download A Church Member - Prayers of the Bible with their Answers

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Anonymous (A Church Member)

theWord Version:
3.x - 4.x

Tab Name:
Prayers of the Bible with their Answers

Prayers of the Bible Collection
This is the final of 4 books chronicling most or all of the prayers of the Bible. Each book differs slightly on its focus and analysis. None of this collection has been digitized previously. Each book was chosen mostly based on availability—there aren't that many books of this nature.

About Bible History of Prayer
The author provides an exposition of every prayer (or most prayers as the author views them) in the Bible with an emphasis on the scriptures with the prayer and the scriptures bearing the answer to the prayer. A brief exposition accompanies most prayers with devotional implications.

The author of the book is referred to only as "A Church Member".

Prayers of the Old Testament
--------A Prayer Of Abram.
--------A Prayer Of Abraham For The Cities Of The Plain.
--------A Prayer Of Abraham’s Servant.
--------A Prayer Of Jacob For Deliverance From Esau.
--------Israel’s Prayer For God’s Blessing On Joseph, Ephraim, And Manasseh.
--------Prayer Of Moses.
--------Prayer Of Moses For Water For The Children Of Israel.
--------Prayer Of Moses To Avert The Divine Anger.
--------Prayer Of Moses When The People Made The Golden Calf.
--------Prayer Of Moses That He May See The Glory Of The Lord.
--------Prayer Of Moses On Mount Sinai
--------A Prayer Of Moses For The Scattering Of The Lord’s Enemies.
--------Prayer Of Moses When The People Weep For Flesh To Eat.
--------Of Moses As To The Manner In Which The Lord Will Give The People Flesh To Eat.
--------Prayer Of Moses For Miriam.
--------Prayer Of Moses That The People May Not Be Smitten With Pestilence.
--------Prayer Of Moses That The Lord Would Set A Man Oyer The Congregation.
--------Prayer Of Joshua.
----1 Samuel
--------Prayer Of Hannah.
--------Prayer Of Samuel.
--------Prayer Of Samuel For A Thunder Storm In Time Of Wheat Harvest.
--------Prayer Of David Under Trying Circumstances.
--------Prayer Of Dayid When The Amalekites Had Invaded Ziklag.
----2 Samuel
--------Prayer Of David And Thanksgiving.
--------Prayer Of David As He Went Weeping Up The Mount Of Olivet.
--------Prayer Of David After His Transgression In Numbering Israel And Judah.
----1 Kings
--------Prayer Of Solomon For Wisdom.
--------The Prayer Of Solomon At The Dedication Of The Temple.
--------The Prophet’s Prayer For The Restoration Of Jeroboam’s Withered Hand.
--------The Power Of Effectual Fervent Prayer.
--------The Prayer Of Elijah For The Restoration Of The Widow’s Son.
--------The Prayer Of Elijah On Mount Carmel.
----2 Kings
--------A Prayer Of Elisha For His Servant.
--------Prayer Of Hezekiah.
--------Prayer Of Hezekiah In Sickness.
----1 Chronicles
--------Prayer Of Jabez.
--------The United Prayer Of An Army.
----2 Chronicles
--------Prayer Of Asa.
--------Prayer Of Jehoshaphat.
--------Prayer Of Hezekiah For Those Who Had Eaten The Passover Without Purification.
--------Prayer Of Manasseh When In Affliction.
--------Prayer Of Nehemiah For The Captive Remnant Of Judah
--------Prayers Of Nehemiah While Building The Walls Of Jerusalem.
--------Prayer Of Job.
--------Prayer Of Job After He Had Been Visited By His Friends.
--------Prayer Of Job That God Would Hide Him From His Anger.
--------Prayer Of Job That He Might Feel God’s Presence.
--------Job’s Prayer For An Answer To His Petitions.
--------The Prayer Of Job After He Had Received The Answer.
--------Prayer Of Agur.
----Song of Solomon
--------An Allegorical Prayer Of The Church.
--------Isaiah’s Thanksgiving.
--------Isaiah’s Acknowledgment Of God’s Mercy.
--------Isaiah’s Trust In God And Prayer For The Church.
--------Prayer Of The Church For Deliverance From Her Enemies.
--------Israel’s Prayer In Returning To God, And For The Unconverted Remnant Of The People.
--------Prayer Of The Prophet Jeremiah.
--------A Voice Of Weeping And Supplication From Israel.
--------Jeremiah Prayeth And Teacheth His People How To View Calamity.
--------Jeremiah, Perplexed On Account Of Conspiracy, Prays.
--------Jeremiah Intercedes For His People In Time Of Famine.
--------A Voice Of Weeping And Supplication From Rachel.
--------The Bemoanings Of Ephraim.
--------The Prayer Of Jeremiah In Prison.
--------Lament Of Jeremiah.
--------Jeremiah Acknowledges The Lord As His Portion.
--------The Intercession Of Ezekiel.
--------Ezekiel Complains That The People Do Not Understand.
--------The Prayer Of Daniel And His Companions That The Lord Would Interpret Nebuchadnezzar...
--------Nebuchadnezzar Convicted Blesses God.
--------The Thanksgiving Of Nebuchadnezzar.
--------The Prayer Of Daniel For The Restoration Of Jerusalem.
--------The Prophet Joel’s Prayer In Time Of Famine.
--------Prayers Of Amos That God Would Avert The Judgments Of The Fire And Grasshoppers.
--------Prayer Of The Mariners In The Storm.
--------The Prayer Of Jonah From The Midst Of The Sea.
--------Jonah Prays That God Will Take His Life.
--------Prayer Of The Church Complaining Of Small Numbers, And Of The General Corruption.
--------The Prayer Of Habakkuk.
--------Habakkuk Prays In Prospect Of Approaching Trials.
--------Habakkuk’s Expectation Of Answers To His Prayers.
--------Prayer Of Habakkuk Upon Shigionoth, (Or Musical Instrument.)
--------Prayer Of The Jews Concerning Their Fasts.
Prayers of the New Testament
--------The Lord’s Prayer.
--------The Leper’s Prayer.
--------Prayer Of The Centurion.
--------The Prayer Of The Disciples In The Storm.
--------The Prayer Of Jairus.
--------The Silent Prayer Of Faith.
--------The Prayer Of Two Blind Men.
--------A Prayer Of Our Blessed Lord.
--------The Prayer Of Peter.
--------The Prayer Of The Syro-Phoenician Woman.
--------The Prayer Of A Mother For Her Sons.
--------The Prayer Of The Five Foolish Virgins.
--------The Prayer Of The Disciples At Meat With Our Savior.
--------A Prayer Of Our Savior.
--------Prayer Of Our Savior From The Cross.
--------Prayer Of The Man That Had Been Possessed With A Devil.
--------The Prayer Of Mary, The Mother Of Our Savior.
--------The Prayer Of Simeon In The Temple.
--------The Prayer Of Anna.
--------The Prayer Of Simon Peter.
--------The Prayer Of Peter On The Mount.
--------The Prayer Of The Prodigal Son.
--------The Prayer Of Dives.
--------Prayer Of The Ten Lepers.
--------The Prayers Of The Pharisee And Publican
--------The Prayer Of The Young Ruler.
--------The Prayer Of Our Savior From The Cross.
--------The Prayer Of The Thief From The Cross.
--------The Prayer Of A Nobleman.
--------The Prayers Of Martha And Mary.
--------The Prayer Of Philip.
--------The Prayer Of Judas, Not Iscariot.
--------A Prayer Of Our Savior.
--------A Prayer Of The Apostles.
--------The Prayer Of The Church.
--------The Prayer Of Stephen.
--------The Prayer Of Saul Of Tarsus, After His Conversion.
--------The Prayers Of The Church For Peter.
--------The Prayers And Praises Of Paul And Silas.
--------The Prayer Of St. Paul In The Temple.
--------Prayers Of St. Paul For The Church At Rome.
----1 Corinthians
--------The Prayer Of St. Paul For The Church At Corinth.
--------The Prayer Of St. Paul For The Church At Ephesus.
--------The Prayer Of St. Paul For The Church At Colosse.
----1 Thessalonians
--------Paul’s Prayer For The Church At Thessalonica.

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