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  • Author: Webster (1833) and Manuel Vanhee
  • theWord Version: 3.x - 4.x
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Download Restored Holy Bible 16 Poetic Layout RHB16ONT

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Scripture Whole Bible Old Testament New Testament OT Wisdom (Poetry) Gospels Literal Covenant Eschatalogy (Endtimes) Biblical Studies Parables Textual Criticism Language / Interpretation
Webster (1833) and Manuel Vanhee

theWord Version:
3.x - 4.x

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Poetic, Layout

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RESTORED HOLY BIBLE Version 16 Poetic Layout
2012-2023 Public domain: Webster(1833) and Manuel Vanhee
ONT version.
For the best RHB layout in theWord.
click on Tools and Bible view options (Cntr+O).
click on Paragraphs and headings.
Select display each verse in a separate line, with the verse number in the front.
Select show translator's paragraphs (line breaks).
Select Don't show paragraphs if the Bible module does not have paragraphs of it own.
Turn off Show passage heading.
And press on OK

Translation Methodology.
Harmonisation: identical direct quotes, idioms and phrases must be translated identical (the same word-order, punctuation and no synonyms). The translation must be so literal as possible without using wooden English and in respect with the Poetic Layout.
Transliterated words must left transliterated.
The base Text must be cleaned from any doctrinal bias or interpolation.

Spelling and archaic language are updated;
but the Thou, Thee, Thy and ye stays in the Text and the thine is replaced by Thy.
"Thou, Thee, and Thy" are the second person singular;
"ye, you, your, and yours" are the second person plural.
"Shall" is only used as future tense.
The "Hell" words are Sheol(Hades), Gehenna and Tartarus.
Nephesh or psyche is translated as soul.

note [interpretation or footnote]
In bold are hints for Bible study and the first words of alphabetic verses.
In Green for Book-info, context-titles and cross-references.
In italics words added by the translation.
In Teal etymology: for example "Eve, because she was the mother of all living."
In Red colour are from the NT source when the MT has changed the text.
In Blue are from other sources or from other verses.

The Restored Holy Bible is my attempt to restore the preserved Bible text in English and to deal with irregularities.
It is also optimised for preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God over the World and it is the most harmonised English Bible ever.
I restored the alphabetic order of the 12 acrostic works ( Psa 25 Psa 34 Psa 37 Psa 111 Psa 112 Psa 119 Psa 145 Pro 31 Lam 1 Lam 2 Lam 3 Lam 4)
This is a Gift for the Church of God and free for all.
Before I started this translation did I for one year research in translation errors, sources and the commentary of their defenders.
I compared every English and Dutch translation that I found on Internet.
And I was annoyed because the text was changed to support doctrines instead of doctrines based on the Holy Text.
No matter what Thou think is there only one Ultimate Truth.
If Thou accept that the Original Bible source is without error then must Thou also accept that every manuscript of the New Testament that has Isaiah in verse Mar 1:2 is corrupt.
(It is a quote of the prophet Malachi and therefore an error)
Based on those verses ( Mar 1:2 Mat 10:10 Mat 17:20 Luk 2:22 Luk 7:35 Mar 6:22) was the 1894 Scrivener Textus Receptus (without the Comma Johanneum) the only text without errors.
The New Testament is based on the Restored Textus Receptus beta.

For the Old Testament is the problem even harder because none of the available text canons is without error. (See the copyist error in 2Sa 21:19).
The other near identical verse has preserved the Text.
Basically is the MT text the closed variant of the Original Text.
In order to restore the Original Text must I combine the info found in other sources and correct every copyist error in the MT.
For example: The lost letter "Nun" verse in Psa 145:13 is preserved thanks the Syriac, LXX, Vulgate and DSS, but lost in every MT manuscript.
I used the DSS version for the Nun.

The NT quotes are from an older source than the MT and LXX. I fused the NT citations into the MT text in order to restore the Original Text.
GOD and LORD (with capitals) in the NT are only based on quote info from the Old Testament. (The God names are different in the Greek text.)
I am aware of the symbolic keywords and used KJC and Strong for more keyword priority in the translation.

The Restored Holy Bible is a heavy edited update of the Webster Bible, I updated language, reduced the spell variants of names, corrected plural errors,
I used KJC and Strong in combination with the Statenvertaling and other literal translations.
For the sake of harmonisation. I was very critical in correction of the irregularities. I restored the old measures, money and the count system;
(see the keywords thousand and myriad Num 31:43 Jon 4:11 Dan 7:10)
Revelation has no cross-references for this reason: Rev 22:18-19 but Thou can type Rev in the search bar.

The word Amen (H543 G281) means "truly, agree or ending" it was NOT translated in any of the sources.
This word is in the begin of a verse is a warning of Jesus and on the end an agreement or ending of a prayer.
The shofar (H7782) is another blow instrument than the trumpet (H2689 H8619)
But they are related with the Holy Days and the return of Christ as King of the World in the Messianic Age (the Kingdom of God.)
For the Final Version need I support from the new John the Baptist who shall restore the Church of God and unite the Saints.
From the moment that there is a Peace Covenant in Jerusalem with the European "prince" restarts the last year-week of Daniel.
It means that the Saints have then three and a half years to preach the Gospel over the World and to flee to the Place of Safety Mat 24:7-20 Rev 12:13-17 Dan 11:40-43 .

Restored Order of Bible-books: the "39 Books" of the OT were divided in 22 Scrolls as the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. 22+ the 27 NT Books =49 or (7x7)

What's New in Version RHB16ONT (See full changelog)

  • G2842=communion
  • G3485=Sanctuary
  • (stone) tables=tablets
  • ministration=ministry
  • Host,tents,Army or camps
  • Epistle=letter(except in the title of the Books)
  • replaced "victuals" by food,provision or snack (based on Strong's number).
  • purloining=embezzling
  • chargers=dishes
  • TVM corrections
  • G4592=sign
  • wonders,miracles, marvel(except in the titles of "Miracle")
  • sicknesses=diseases
  • less Capitalization.
  • G2233 deem or lead
  • Php 2:6-11
  • __
  • "And" in the OT
  • punctuation and Cap, italics
  • Luk 24:21 passes G71 pass (time)
  • other corrections
  • __
  • soul souls H5315 G5590
  • son or child
  • harmonisation
  • And
  • boast(verb and noun)
  • coding
  • ___
  • future tense: "shall" is only used as future tense.
  • prepositions
  • G442=human (7x) NT
  • "certain" or "some"
  • liable,offend,condemnation,accuse,counsel
  • duplicate verses (using same punctuation, and words)
  • correction of various errors
  • __
  • TVM
  • G1096 become,come,be,... ῥῆμα G4487 saying/sayings, G2071 shall be, G4594 today.
  • harmonization of names, phrases, italics, punctuation, and first cap letter in parallel verses.
  • "shall remove the evil from" in ten verses.
  • notes format
  • _____
  • remove underline
  • Subjunctive mood
  • various corrections
  • Tense Voice Mood
  • more uniformity in words and punctuation
  • Closer translated to RTR
  • tribune,she-ass
  • correction of italics

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