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  • Author: Fairbairn, Patrick
  • theWord Version: 3.x - 4.x
  • Tab Name: Hermeneutical Manual

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Download Fairbairn, Patrick - Hermeneutical Manual - Introduction to the Exegetical Study of the NT

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Hermeneutics Greek Hebrew Exegesis
Fairbairn, Patrick

theWord Version:
3.x - 4.x

Tab Name:
Hermeneutical Manual

This book was originally published as "Hermeneutical Manual - Introduction to the Exegetical Study of the New Testament". Casual, modern readers are afraid of large words, so this book has been reprinted as, "Opening Scripture".

Bible scholars find tremendous value in this book, even today. Non Bible scholars will find value in the hundreds of pages in the section: "Old Testament Scripture in the Writings of the New Testament", where quotes from and paraphrases of the Old Testament appear in the New Testament. Fairbairn provides an excellent commentary on each.

In the Hermeneutical Manual, Patrick Fairbairn teaches readers to thoroughly examine the Bible. He follows the historic Protestant practice of allowing the Scriptures to stand as their own witness and interpreter. The author explains the “analogy of faith,” in understanding the Bible. As summarized in the Westminster Confession (1:9), this principle states: “The infallible rule of interpretation of Scripture is the Scripture itself; and therefore, when there is a question about the true and full sense of any Scripture it must be searched and known by other places that speak more clearly.”

theWord Edition
This module is by special request and the text is from Bill Anderson @ StillTruth.com.

About Patrick Fairbairn
Patrick Fairbairn (1805-1874) was born in Berwickshire, Scotland, studied at Edinburgh University, and was an outstanding scholar among Scottish Presbyterians. After 27 years in pastoral service, he served as divinity professor at the Free Church College in Aberdeen before becoming principal of the Free Church College, Glasgow, for 18 years until his death. His more notable works include Typology of Scripture, and commentaries on Ezekiel and The Pastoral Epistles.

Part First: Facts and Principles Bearing on Language and Interpretation of New Testament Scri...
-----Section First: The Original Language Of The New Testament.
-----Section Second: The Characteristics Of New Testament Greek
-----Section Third: Collateral Sources For Determining The Sense And Explaining The Peculiari...
-----Section Fourth: General Rules And Principles To Be Followed In The Interpretation Of Par...
-----Section Fifth: Of False And True Accommodation; Or, The Influence That Should Be Allowed...
-----Section Sixth: The Respect Due In The Interpretation Of The New Testament To The Analog...
-----Section Seventh: The Relation Of The Old To The New In God’s Dispensations More Exactly ...
-----Section Eighth: On The Proper Interpretation Of The Tropical Parts Of The New Testament.
-----Section Ninth: The Parables Of Christ, Their Proper Interpretation And Treatment.
-----Section Tenth: On The Subject Of Parallelism As Bearing On The Structure And Interpretat...
Part Second: Exegesis of New Testament Scripture
-----Section First: The Two Genealogies Of Christ, Given Respectively By The Evangelists Matt...
-----Section Second: The Designations And Doctrine Of Angels, With Reference More Especially ...
-----Section Third: On The Names Of Christ In New Testament Scripture, And, In Particular, On...
-----Section Fourth: On The Import And Use Of Certain Terms, Which Express An Antagonistic Re...
-----Section Fifth: On βαπτίζω And Its Cognates, With Special Reference To The Mode Of Admin...
-----Section Sixth: Import And Uses Of Hades, Ἃιδης In Scripture.
-----Section Seventh: On The Import And Use Of διαθήκη In Scripture
-----Section Eighth: On The Import Of Certain Terms Employed In New Testament Scripture To In...
-----Section Ninth: On The Use Or Paraskeue And Pascha In St. John S Account Of Our Lord’s La...
Part Third: Old Testament Scripture in the Writings of the New Testament
-----Section First: Quotations From The Old Testament In The New, Considered In Respect To Th...
-----Section Second: Quotations From The Old Testament In The New, Considered In Respect To T...
Appendix: The Historical Circumstances That Led To Christ’s Birth At Bethlehem Cyrenius And T...

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