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  • Author: Machen, J. Gresham
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Download Machen, J. Gresham - The Literature and History of New Testament Times (52 Lessons)

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New Testament Expository Topics
Machen, J. Gresham

theWord Version:
3.x - 4.x

Tab Name:
Machen NT

This book is a 52 lesson historical study of the New Testament, originally intended for classroom use, one lesson per week. The lessons are very extensive yet easy to read and understand.

This work remains a quick and reliable reference guide for readers today. Each lesson is followed by a bibliography for further study on the chosen topic.

About John Gresham Machen
John Gresham Machen (1881-1937) was an influential American Presbyterian theologian in the early 20th century. He was the Professor of New Testament at Princeton Seminary between 1915 and 1929, and led a conservative revolt against modernist theology at Princeton and formed Westminster Seminary as a more orthodox alternative. This split was irreconcilable, and Machen led others to form the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

Machen is considered to be the last of the great Princeton Theologians who had, since the formation of the college in the early 19th century, developed Princeton Theology - a conservative and Calvinist form of Evangelical Christianity. Although Machen can be compared to the great Princeton Theologians (Archibald Alexander, Charles Hodge, A. A. Hodge and B. B. Warfield) he was neither a lecturer in theology (he was a New Testament scholar) nor did he ever become the seminary's principal.

Machen's influence can still be felt today through the existence of both institutions that he founded - Westminster Seminary and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.


Part I — The Historical Background of Christianity
-----Lesson 1 — The New Testament
-----Lesson 2 — The Roman Background of Christianity
-----Lesson 3 — The Greek Background of Christianity
-----Lesson 4 — The Jewish Background of Christianity
-----Lesson 5 — The Jewish Background of Christianity
-----Lesson 6 — The Messiah
-----Lesson 7 — The Book of The Acts
-----Lesson 8 — The Cross and the Resurrection the Foundation of Apostolic Preaching
-----Lesson 9 — The Beginnings of the Christian Church
-----Lesson 10 — The First Persecution
-----Lesson 11 — The First Gentile Converts
-----Lesson 12 — The Conversion of Paul
-----Lesson 13 — The Church at Antioch
Part 2 — Christianity Established Among the Gentiles
-----Lesson 14 — The Gospel to the Gentiles
-----Lesson 15 — The Council at Jerusalem
-----Lesson 16 — The Gospel Carried into Europe
-----Lesson 17 — Encouragement for Recent Converts
-----Lesson 18 — The Conflict with the Judaizers
-----Lesson 19 — Problems of a Gentile Church
-----Lesson 20 — The Apostle and His Ministry
-----Lesson 21 — The Gospel of Salvation
-----Lesson 22 — Paul’s Journey to Rome
-----Lesson 23 — The Supremacy of Christ
-----Lesson 24 — The Church of Christ
-----Lesson 25 — Christ and His Followers
-----Lesson 26 — Training New Leaders
Part 3 — The Presentation and Defense of Christianity
-----Lesson 27 — A Presentation of Jesus to Jewish Christians: The Gospel According to Matthew
-----Lesson 28 — A Graphic Sketch of the Life of Jesus: The Gospel According to Mark
-----Lesson 29 — A Greek Historian’s Account of Jesus: The Gospel According to Luke
-----Lesson 30 — The Testimony of the Beloved Disciple: The Gospel According to John
-----Lesson 31 — The Jesus of the Gospels
-----Lesson 32 — A Document of the Jerusalem Church: The Epistle of James
-----Lesson 33 — Jesus the Fulfillment of the Old Testament: The Epistle to the Hebrews
-----Lesson 34 — Christian Fortitude: The First Epistle of Peter
-----Lesson 35 — The Christian’s Attitude toward Error and Immorality: The Second Epistle of ...
-----Lesson 36 — The Life of the Children of God: The Epistles of John
-----Lesson 37 — The Messages of the Living Christ: The Book of Revelation (First Lesson)
-----Lesson 38 — A Vision of the Final Triumph: The Book of Revelation (Second Lesson)
-----Lesson 39 — Review
Part 4 — The Apostolic Church and the Church of Today
-----Lesson 40 — The Church and the World
-----Lesson 41 — The Christian Message
-----Lesson 42 — The Word and the Sacraments
-----Lesson 43 — Prayer
-----Lesson 44 — The Congregation
-----Lesson 45 — The Relief of the Needy
-----Lesson 46 — Organizing for Service
-----Lesson 47 — A Mission for the World
-----Lesson 48 — The Christian Ideal of Personal Morality
-----Lesson 49 — Christianity and Human Relationships
-----Lesson 50 — The Christian Use of the Intellect
-----Lesson 51 — The Christian Hope and the Present Possession
-----Lesson 52 — Retrospect: The First Christian Century

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