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Download Discovering Christ In Selected Books of the Bible (12 vols, commentary) - Updated 3

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Genesis Ruth Song of Solomon Malachi Matthew Mark John Galatians Revelation Hebrews Presbyterian Copyrighted
Donald Fortner

theWord Version:
3.x - 4.x

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Update - March 24, 2013: This module has been updated to include Malachi, see Malachi description below.
Update - March 23, 2013: This module has been updated to include Acts, see Acts description below.

Note: This is a real commentary module (with all comments in one module), not the numerous copy/paste book format modules distributed elsewhere.

Discovering Christ in Genesis
"This volume is not intended to be a full exposition of the Book of Genesis. The purpose is to set forth, simply and clearly, the grace and glory of God in Christ in the opening pages of Holy Scripture." So states Don Fortner in the Preface to this volume; and this is precisely what he does.

By commenting on the principal characters to whom God revealed himself in the book of Genesis and the major events of their lives, the author brings to light the presence of Christ and the evidence of God's great plan of redemption in these opening chapters of the Bible. But he does not leave it there: concerned to impart to the reader a greater appreciation of Christ, the Savior of sinners, the author intersperses teaching and application, with the intention of encouraging believers to live lives of worship and committed service to Christ.

How refreshing to find a modern author who believes that the great purpose of Holy Scripture is to set forth the person and work of the Son of God as the sinner's substitute.

Peace and Truth

Mr. Fortner's motivation in writing this book is clearly his own devotion to God and his love for the Lord Jesus Christ. He has eminently succeeded in what he wanted to do.

New Focus

Discovering Christ in Ruth
Everyone likes a love story with a happy ending. The story of Ruth and Boaz has special appeal to believers, because we see in it an outline of our own spiritual history and of our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, our Kinsman Redeemer, of whom Boaz was a type. The revealed theme is redemption and grace. Boaz was Ruth's close relative, the one who had the right to redeem. As such, he portrays our great, incarnate God and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who has willingly fulfilled the part of the redeeming relative for us. As we contemplate his great love for us, which far exceeds the love of any on this earth, we are stimulated to deeper love and devotion to him and his service.

This book is a challenge to all in our generation who live by their feelings and not by faith in Christ. You cannot read it and remain the same. It is provocative and demands a response. This is strong medicine, but all who taste it will be made whole!

Evangelical Times Magazine

Discovering Christ in the Song of Solomon
It is a book altogether about fellowship and communion with Christ. It is not in any sense to be interpreted literally. It is spiritual. It is an allegory, a spiritual dialogue between Christ our heavenly Bridegroom and the church his Bride. All who know the Lord Jesus Christ love him. A true, saving revelation and knowledge of Christ always creates an ardent love for Christ. To know him is to love him. It is not possible for a person to have a saving knowledge of Christ without a true heart of love for Christ. Any who do not love Christ, truly, sincerely, and above all others, simply do not know him.

The application and richness of the Gospel is found throughout.

English Churchman

In due time it will no doubt rank alongside such expositions of the Song of Solomon as those of Dr. Gill and Spurgeon's Most Holy Place. It is a heart-warming book and is highly recommended to our readers.

Gospel Magazine

Discovering Christ in Malachi
Fortner adapted a number of sermons to create this verse by verse and passage by passage commentary on Malachi

Discovering Christ in Matthew
In a conversational tone, Fortner addresses the importance of the four gospels and the genealogy contained within. Then, sectioning the gospel of Matthew into small chunks of Scripture, this volume provides a comprehensive commentary, including quotes from well-loved theologians such as Charles Spurgeon and Matthew Henry.

Discovering Christ in the Gospel of Mark
Have you ever wondered why the gospel of Mark contains no genealogy? Answering this question in detail, Fortner then sketches Marks' life and character, including the influence of Peter, who is said by some to be Mark's spiritual father. A study on the entire book of Mark is included.

Discovering Christ in Luke (2 vols)
The Gospel of Luke focuses on the perfect and glorious humanity of our Savior Jesus Christ. Providing a comprehensive commentary on this Gospel narrative, Don Fortner takes readers section-by-section through Luke, presenting Jesus as the Son of Man.

Life After Pentecost: A Guide to the Acts of the Apostles
The book of Acts is the inspired history of the apostolic ministry of the early church with the central theme of the ascension and lordship of Jesus Christ. It is a history of the church of Christ in its infancy, showing God's special providence for it.

This guide to the Acts of the Apostles is presented in a way to help those who teach in Bible classes, Sunday School, house groups, Christian unions, and youth groups. It will prove to be of benefit to Christians of all ages in their own personal devotions.

Discovering Christ in Galatians
Diving straight into a discussion of Paul's epistle to the Galatians, Fortner elucidates the history and theology found within. Readers of Discovering Christ in Galatians will glean biblical wisdom and insight through this absorbing study.

Discovering Christ in Hebrews
"If you are ever tempted to imagine that there might be some similarity between the weak, frustrated, helpless Jesus of this idolatrous generation and the exalted Lord of glory, just re-read the opening verses of the book of Hebrews," explains Fortner, as he introduces this powerful New Testament book. A thorough study of Hebrews follows, elucidating the doctrine found within.

Discovering Christ in Revelation
The entire Bible, both the Old Testament and the New, is a book about the person, work, and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. All the promises and blessings of God given to sinful men and women are in Christ. All the revelation and knowledge of the triune God are in Christ. Christ is not only the central message of Holy Scripture, he is the message of Holy Scripture. To understand that is to have the key that opens the Word of God and reveals its treasures.

Don Fortner shows how that which is true of the whole of Scripture is especially and gloriously true of the last, closing chapters of the volume, the book of Revelation. This last book of the Bible is Christ’s revelation of himself to his servants. It is ‘the Revelation of Jesus Christ’.

The author ably disproves the view that the book of Revelation is too deep and dark for us to understand. God has emphatically promised in the introduction to this book a blessing to the sincere reader and hearer of it, and to the sincere keeper of its words.

theWord Edition
Thousands of pages and 15 megabytes of commentary in one theWord commentary module means you are likely to find comments on the verses that interest you.

Three problems exist with previous attempts to make Don Fortner’s commentaries: 1) the content was merely pasted into the modules and no effort was made to maintain the original formatting, 2) the modules were piecemealed one book at a time when combined is more useful, 3) the modules were topic or book format, when they should have been commentary format. Don’s commentaries fit perfectly into a commentary format, and so they are published here. We worked with Don’s technical team to make a professional, publishable quality module. Please report any corrections.

About Don Fortner
Don Fortner is pastor of Grace Baptist Church of Danville, KY. Only incidentally is he a widely published author, and conference speaker. This book bears his name, but his intent is to honor the God whom he has so faithfully declared to us over thirty years. His prolific and endless labor to comfort and feed us has made his computer a goldmine of Christ honoring material.

[Additional Note From Josh Bond: Fortner subscribes to a form of Calvinism. Yet, he distances himself from modern reformed theology and various confessions. You can still find value in his comments even if you disagree with Calvinism. Yet, if you are seeking a traditional, reformed commentary, you may also be disappointed.]

Quick Facts
Born June 10, 1950 Bladen County, NC
Raised in Winston-Salem, NC

Piedmont Bible College (Now Piedmont International University, Winston-Salem, NC)
Baptist Bible College (Springfield, MO)
Morris Harvey College (Now University of Charleston, Charleston, WV)
Luther Rice Seminary (Jacksonville, FL)

Pastor Lookout Baptist Church, Lookout, WV 1971-1980
Pastor Grace Baptist Church, Danville, KY 1980-

Wife: Shelby
Daughter: Faith (Mrs. Doug) Hacker, Lexington, KY ­– Members Todds RD Grace Church, Lexington, KY
Grand Children: Audrey Grace (14) Will (11)

Copyright by Donald S. Fortner
e-Sword / theWord module distributed with permission.

Donald S. Fortner, Pastor
2734 Old Stanford Road
Danville, Kentucky 40422-9438

Discovering Christ In Galatians: © Copyright 2007, Donal S. Fortner.
Discovering Christ In Genesis: © Copyright 2007, Donal S. Fortner.
Discovering Christ In Hebrews: © Copyright 2007, Donal S. Fortner.
Discovering Christ In Matthew: © Copyright 2007, Donal S. Fortner.
Discovering Christ In Revelation: © Copyright 2007, Donal S. Fortner.
Discovering Christ In Ruth: © Copyright 2007, Donal S. Fortner.
Discovering Christ In Song of Solomon: © Copyright 2007, Donal S. Fortner.
Discovering Malachi: © Copyright 2007, Donal S. Fortner.
Discovering Christ In Mark: © Copyright 2008, Donal S. Fortner.

Discovering Christ In Luke, Volume 1:
Go Publications
The Cairn, Hill Top, Eggleston, Co. Durham, DL12 0AU, ENGLAND
© Go Publications 2012
First Published 2012

British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data available

ISBN 978-1-908475-00-8

Discovering Christ In Luke, Volume 2:
Go Publications
The Cairn, Hill Top, Eggleston, Co. Durham, DL12 0AU, ENGLAND
© Go Publications 2012
First Published 2012

British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data available

ISBN 978-1-908475-01-5

What's New in Version 3 (See full changelog)

  • Update - March 24, 2013: This module has been updated to include Malachi, see Malachi description below.
  • Update - March 23, 2013: This module has been updated to include Acts, see Acts description below.

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