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  • Author: Erich Sauer
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  • Tab Name: Sauer - In the Arena of Faith

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Christian Living Bretheren

Erich Sauer

theWord Version:
3.x - 4.x

Tab Name:
Sauer - In the Arena of Faith

About the Author

Eric Sauer was born in Berlin, Germany, on Saturday, December 31, 1898 and died in Wiedenest, Germany, on Wednesday, February 25, 1959, at 60.

He was raised in the Open Brethren Church to which both his parents belonged. He was involved in a Bible school in Wiedenest from sometime in the 1930s until his death.

He authored five books:

The Dawn of World Redemption: A Survey of Historical Revelation in the Old Testament (1951) http://www.wordmodul...rld-redemption/
The Triumph of the Crucified: A Survey of Historical Revelation in the New Testament (1951) http://www.wordmodul...-the-crucified/
From Eternity to Eternity: An Outline of the Divine Purposes (1954) http://www.wordmodul...ty-to-eternity/
In the Arena of Faith: A Call to a Consecrated Life (1955)
The King of the Earth: The Nobility of Man According to the Bible and Science (1962)

The first three books were translated by G. H. Lang.

F. F. Bruce wrote the foreward for the first book

A. Rendle Short wrote the foreward for the second volume.


WHAT we need is revival, a spiritual awakening of God's people, a powerful testimony to the world, a new vision and a fresh experience of the saving and keeping power of Christ through His word and the Holy Spirit.
This experience is possible, for Christ is living today! He is the eternal Victor, the Exalted One, the spring of all life and strength for everyone who puts his trust in Him. Christ never disappoints.

But God grants His free gifts only to faith. Only where there is trust and devotion, will God's fountains be opened. Only upon a life, fully surrendered, will He pour out His abundant blessings.

Where there was failure, He can give restoration. All weakness can be overcome. New joy and hope can fill our hearts.

That is the message of this book. It is at the same time my personal testimony. It differs from my previous books, The Dawn of World Redemption, The Triumph of the Crucified and From Eternity to Eternity in that those dealt with the general lines of development of God's plan of redemption, but this bears testimony chiefly to our personal experience of salvation. For the deeds of God are not only around and above us, they should be in us at the same time. The general plan of salvation must centre in a personal experience of salvation in the individual.

I am indebted very much to my friends Dr. and Mrs. A. E. Wilder Smith for their very great and most valuable share in the work of translation. Without their keen interest and united efforts this English edition would not have come to pass.
The book was published first in German in 1952. In this English edition there is added a special treatise on "The ancient Greek and Roman Racecourses and the Spiritual Warfare, as compared in the New Testament." We have given this discussion in a more detailed form because the knowledge of these Greek and Roman customs illuminates greatly the figurative language of many New Testament Scriptures which refer to them. At the same time it gives us a clearer understanding of the surroundings and some most important features of the outward conditions of the early Christian church. By elaborating the description of this special side of ancient culture in its relationship to the New Testament, we also hope to render a certain service to such students of Scripture who might want to make use of this book for the preparation of messages in their ministry, and therefore might be glad to have a more detailed view of these ancient customs and their history. Such readers may also value the Greek terms of these institutions as well as the references to certain Greek expressions in the Biblical text that are occasionally given in the book when this seemed helpful for a more exact understanding.
The chapter on the Races has been translated by Mr. G. H. Lang, the translator of my three previous books. To him I wish also to express my sincere thanks.

The book is written in a simple style. It sets out to express its message in a language understandable to all. It is designed as an appeal to heart and mind for new spiritual zeal and devotion, for new confidence and hope. It bases its teachings on the truths of Heb 12:1-29. Therefore at the head of each chapter is given the relevant quotation from Heb 12:1-29 so that the word of the Scripture and the meditation thereon may hang closely together, and the reading and understanding of the whole be facilitated.

May the Lord bless the testimony of this book. May He lead us all more and more into a real experience of His blessings. His promises are to all those who in holy earnestness reach out towards the prize, those who lift up their eyes to Him, those who do His commandment. In the arena of faith "let us look unto Jesus."

Wiedenest, Rhineland, Germany.

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