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  • Tab Name: Sauer - From Eternity to Eternity

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Dispensationalism Rapture Bibliology (BibleDoctrine) Bretheren
Erich Sauer

theWord Version:
3.x - 4.x

Tab Name:
Sauer - From Eternity to Eternity

About the Author

Eric Sauer was born in Berlin, Germany, on Saturday, December 31, 1898 and died in Wiedenest, Germany, on Wednesday, February 25, 1959, at 60.

He was raised in the Open Brethren Church to which both his parents belonged. He was involved in a Bible school in Wiedenest from sometime in the 1930s until his death.

He authored five books:

The Dawn of World Redemption: A Survey of Historical Revelation in the Old Testament (1951) http://www.wordmodul...rld-redemption/
The Triumph of the Crucified: A Survey of Historical Revelation in the New Testament (1951) http://www.wordmodul...-the-crucified/
From Eternity to Eternity: An Outline of the Divine Purposes (1954) http://www.wordmodul...ty-to-eternity/
In the Arena of Faith: A Call to a Consecrated Life (1955) http://www.wordmodul...arena-of-faith/
The King of the Earth: The Nobility of Man According to the Bible and Science (1962)

The first three books were translated by G. H. Lang.

F. F. Bruce wrote the foreward for the first book

A. Rendle Short wrote the foreward for the second volume.


This book appeared in Germany at the end of 1950. It consisted originally of Part I of this English edition. For the second German edition the book was considerably enlarged. The initial impulse to issue this book in English was a remark in the American magazine United Evangelical Action, Cincinnati, April, 1953,1 which, while reviewing the Author’s other two books, referred to this also.

These two books were The Dawn of World Redemption and The Triumph of the Crucified. They were issued in English in London (Autumn, 1951) and in Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.SA. (Autumn, 1952), and found a kind welcome among serious students of Scripture. Twenty thousand copies of the two books were issued, in the first twenty months.

The text and colored Chart of the present book supply an outline of the basic train of thought of the other two books named. At the same time the train of ideas itself and the whole structure of this book is essentially new and different. It exhibits the unfolding of the history of salvation not in broad cross-sections of the development, showing the contemporary stages, persons, and events connected one with the other at any given time, but rather portrays them in the form of longitudinal sections, showing a number of distinct developments included in the whole course of history. These may be viewed as separate streams and single rivers flowing through the whole region, as, for example, the special history of the Divine methods of revelation in general, the history of the temples of God, the history of Israel, the history of the nations as to salvation, the history of the Messiah, the “days” of God, the various final judgments.
Thus in spite of the difference of Part I of the present book from the two books mentioned, it is nevertheless, like them, historical in character. To this are added two further Parts, the purpose of which is to establish by fundamental considerations the historical point of view set forth.

For this purpose Part II deals with the basic attitude to the question of the inspiration of the Bible as such, and thus to the foundation and justification of all study of Bible history in principle. For the whole study of the history of salvation stands or falls with the attitude taken to inspiration.^.

The official organ of the National Association of Evangelicals (N.A.E.).

Then Part III justifies the expectation of a visible kingdom of God (the Millennium). This is therefore more exegetical and eschatological. We deem it necessary to add this discussion because the entire nature and structure of our outlook upon the historical development of salvation depends in high degree upon the basic attitude taken to the Millennial kingdom. This applies as much to Old Testament prophecy as to the whole arrangement and texture of New Testament history, and in particular to the order and connection of some chief and essential questions as to the original Christian hope.

Thus the three Parts of this book form a unity. Part I gives our actual exposition, Part II its basic warrant, and Part I2 The justification of the character and structure of our historical outlook.

This unites the present book with its two predecessors, so that they form together a trilogy. It uncovers the underlying pattern and roots of the two others, and endeavours to expand their message from new points of view and to support from the Scrip­tures the soundness of their basic position.

At the same time this book is so written that it is complete in itself, independently of the other two. It is not a supplement to them, but it includes in itself a complete, self-contained message for those readers who do not know the other books named.

I desire to express my heart-felt gratitude to the Translator, my esteemed friend Mr. G. H. Lang. I have read and carefully checked this English translation. It is accurate and excellent, reliable in all details.

I am very conscious of the difficulty of treating such a vast, all-embracing theme in so small a space. On this account only the chief points can be touched and these not even with approxi­mate completeness. But if the Lord shall use this book to provoke to further meditation those who love His word, and to awaken and establish faith in Holy Scripture and in its personal and world-embracing message, the Author will rejoice and be well repaid. To proclaim His grace, to witness to His praise, to glorify Himself, this is the highest privilege and happiness of life.

Erich Sauer
Bible School, Wiedenest,
Kbineland, Germany.

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