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Download Kent, Charles Foster - The Historical Bible (6 vols) 1.1

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Kent, Charles Foster

theWord Version:
3.x - 4.x

Tab Name:
Historical Bible

The Bible didn't just fall out of the sky one day. The Bible was written by many different authors who lived in different eras. They wrote their portion of the Bible for different reasons and each had a different point of view and a different goal.

The goal of the Historical Bible is to provide historical, geographical and archaeological notes as are necessary for the intelligent understanding of the historical records.

The Historical Bible uses the earliest historical record, including the songs, prophetic addresses, laws, psalms, proverbs, and epistles so that the biblical writers might present in their own language the literature, history, and religious beliefs of each succeeding age. This resource also studies the apocryphal text between Malachi and Matthew. While 4 of the 6 volumes show Kent's depth in Old Testament history, Volume 5, "The Life and Teachings of Jesus: According to the Earliest Records" is also full of historical detail.

The Preface of the Historical Bible says it's intended use is (1) as a textbook for college or seminary classes; (2) as a manual for teachers’ training classes; (3) as a basis of study for general readers who desire to gain from the modern point of view a systematic knowledge of the history, literature and teachings of the Bible; (4) as a textbook for adult Sunday school classes.

Each volumes’ appendix includes a selected group of study questions, with references for further study in connection with each section.

theWord Edition

theWord module contains all 6 volumes in one module (see below for the hierarchical contents).

Volumes 1 and 2 included verse references in the Table of Contents in the printed edition. But such references were not presented in the section headings. The verse references were included in this version.

There is a (completely separate but) companion resource called the Messages of the Bible (11 volumes) by the same author. This will be published separately.

This text was digitized by BibleSupport.com, currently the only location on the Internet where the text is freely available.

About Charles Foster Kent

Born in Palmyra, New York in 1867, Charles Foster Kent was an American bible scholar.

After his education at Yale Divinity School, and the University of Berlin, he taught at the University of Chicago, followed by Brown University, and ultimately Woolsey Professor of Biblical Literature at Yale.

Kent's critical approach to biblical texts prepared the way for 20th century biblical scholarship. Kent's approach to biblical studies emphasized its literary aspects. In addition to his work on Second Temple Judaism, Kent wrote several texts on biblical topics. Kent believed in the authenticity and inspiration of the original scriptures.

This resource was published just a few years before his death in 1925.

List of Volumes

Volume 1: The Heroes and the Crises of Early Hebrew History: From Creation to the Death of Moses

Volume 2: The Founders and Rulers of United Israel: From the Death of Moses to the Division of the Hebrew Kingdom

Volume 3: The Kings and the Prophets of Israel and Judah: From the Division of the Kingdom to the Babylonian Exile

Volume 4: The Makers and Teachers of Judaism: From the Fall of Jerusalem to the Death of Herod the Great

Volume 5: The Life and Teachings of Jesus: According to the Earliest Records

Volume 6: The Work and Teachings of the Apostles: From the Death of Jesus to the End of the First Century

Volume Contents

Volume 1: The Heroes and Crises of Early Hebrew History: From the Creation to the Death of M...
--------I. The Old Testament World
--------II. The Babylonian Background Of Early Hebrew History
--------III. The Egyptian Background
--------IV. The Early Palestinian Background
--------V. Israel’s Religious Heritage
--------VI. The Oldest History Of Israel
--------VII. The Later Parallel Histories
----The Beginnings Of Human History
--------I. The Story Of Man’s Creation
--------II. Man’s Sin And Its Consequences
--------III. The Story Of Cain And Abel
--------IV. The Traditional Origin Of Early Semitic Institutions
--------V. The Story Of The Great Flood
--------VI. The Traditional Origin Of The Nations
----The Traditional Ancestors Of The Hebrews
--------VII. Abraham’s Call And Settlement In Canaan
--------VIII. The Promise Of A Son To Sarah
--------IX. The Destruction of Sodom
--------X. Birth And Sacrifice of Isaac
--------XI. Securing A Wife For Isaac
--------XII. Jacob And His Brother Esau
--------XIII. Jacob’s Experiences As A Fugitive
--------XIV. Jacob’s Return to Canaan
--------XV. Joseph Sold By His Brothers Into Egypt
--------XVI. Joseph Made Governor Of Egypt
--------XVII. Joseph And His Brothers
--------XVIII. Joseph’s Loyalty To His Kinsmen
----The Bondage And Deliverance From Egypt
--------XIX. The Oppression Of The Hebrews In Egypt
--------XX. Moses’s Childhood And Training
--------XXI. Moses’s Call To Deliver The Hebrews
--------XXII. The Egyptian Plagues
----The Exodus
--------XXIII. The Exodus
--------XXIV. The Revelation And Covenant At Sinai
--------XXV. Man’s Individual Duties To God And Man
--------XXVI. Moses’s Work As Judge And Prophet
--------XXVII. The Life Of The Hebrews In The Wilderness
--------XXVIII. The Attempt To Enter Canaan From The South
--------XXIX. The Journey From The Wilderness And Balaam’s Prophecy
--------XXX. East-Jordan Conquests And Moses’s Farewell
----Appendix I: The Late Priestly Story Of Creation
----Appendix II: A Practical Biblical Reference Library
----Appendix III: General Questions And Subjects For Special Research

Volume 2: The Founders And Rulers Of United Israel: From The Death of Moses To The Division ...
----The Settlement And Conquest Of Canaan
--------XXXI. The Crossing Of The Jordan
--------XXXII. Capture Of Jericho And AI
--------XXXIII. Conditions And Conquests In Canaan
--------XXXIV. The Establishment Of The Danite Tribe And Sanctuary
--------XXXV. Experiences Of The Different Tribes
--------XXXVI. The Great Victory Over The Canaanites
--------XXXVII. Reigns Of Gideon And His Son Abimelech
--------XXXVIII. Jephthah’s Victory Over The Ammonites
--------XXXIX. Samson’s Birth And Marriage
----The Founding Of The Hebrew Kingdom
--------XL. The Philistine Victories And The Fortunes Of The Ark
--------XLI. Saul’s Call And Election To The Kingship
--------XLII. The Great Victory Over The Philistines
----The Decline Of Saul And The Rise Of David
--------XLIII. David’s Introduction To Public Life
--------XLIV. David As A Fugitive
--------XLV. David’s Life As An Outlaw
--------XLVI. David Among The Philistines
--------XLVII. Saul’s Defeat And Death
----The Political Events Of David’s Reign
--------XLVIII. The Two Hebrew Kingdoms Under David And Ishbaal
--------XLIX. The Liberation And Consolidation Of All Israel
--------L. The Internal Events Of David’s Reign
--------LI. David’s Foreign Wars And Conquests
--------LII. David’s Crimes And Their Punishment
--------LIII. The Crimes Of David’s Sons
--------LIV. Absalom’s Rebellion
--------LV. Solomon’s Election As King
----The Splendors Of Solomon’s Reign
--------LVI. Solomon’s Policy And Fame
--------LVII. Solomon’s Temple
--------LVIII. The Splendor And Weakness Of Solomon’s Reign
--------LIX. Law And Society In Early Israel
--------LX. Moral And Religious Standards In Early Israel
----Appendix I: A Practical Biblical Reference Library
----Appendix II: General Questions And Subjects For Special Research

Volume 3: The Kings And Prophets Of Israel And Judah: From The Division Of The Kingdom To Th...
----The History Of Northern Israel
--------LXI. The Division Of The Hebrew Empire
--------LXII. The Military Dynasties Of Northern Israel
--------LXIII. Elijah’s Work As A Religious And Social Reformer
--------LXIV. The Decline Of The House Of Ahab
--------LXV. Jehu’s Revolution And Its Consequences
--------LXVI. Amos’s Arraignment Of Northern Israel
--------LXVII. The Fatal Errors And Crimes Of The Israelites
--------LXVIII. The Inevitable Consequences Of Israel’s Crimes
--------LXIX. The Beginning Of Jehovah’s Revelation By Hosea
--------LXX. Jehovah’s Charges Against Guilty Israel
--------LXXI. Jehovah’s Tender Love For His People
--------LXXII. The Fate Of Northern Israel
----The Assyrian Period Of Judah's History
--------LXXIII. From Rehoboam To Ahaziah
--------LXXIV. The Reign Of Uzziah And The Call Of Isaiah
--------LXXV. Isaiah’s Early Social Sermons
--------LXXVI. Isaiah’s Advice To King And People In 735 B.C.
--------LXXVII. The Great Crisis Of 701 B.C.
--------LXXVIII. Micah’s Sermons And Hezekiah’s Reformation
--------LXXIX. Jerusalem’s Deliverance Through Isaiah’s Counsels
--------LXXX. The Reaction Under Manasseh And The Decline Of Assyria
----The Last Half Century Of Judah’s History
--------LXXXI. Zephaniah’s Reform Sermons
--------LXXXII. Jeremiah’s Call And Early Reform Sermons
--------LXXXIII. The Great Reformation Under Josiah
--------LXXXIV. Ceremonial, Civil And Philanthropic Regulations Of The Deuteronomic Code
--------LXXXV. Jeremiah’s Experiences As Patriot And Preacher Under Jehoiakim
--------LXXXVI. The First And Second Collections Of Jeremiah’s Sermons
--------LXXXVII. Events Leading To The First Babylonian Captivity
--------LXXXVIII. Ezekiel’s Messages To The People Of Judah
--------LXXXIX. Jeremiah’s Activity In The Reign Of Zedekiah
--------XC. The Final Capture Of Jerusalem And The End Of The Hebrew State
----Appendix I: A Practical Reference Library
----Appendix II: General Questions And Subjects For Special Research

Volume 4: The Makers And Teachers Of Judaism: From The Fall Of Jerusalem To The Death Of Her...
----The Exile And The Revival Of The Judean Community
--------XCI. The Jews In Palestine And Egypt
--------XCII. Ezekiel’s Message To His Scattered Countrymen
--------XCIII. The Closing Years Of The Babylonian Rule
--------XCIV. The Rebuilding Of The Temple
--------XCV. Zechariah’s Visions And Encouraging Addresses
--------XCVI. Israel’s Training And Destiny
--------XCVII. Conditions And Problems Within The Judean Community
--------XCVIII. The Problem And Teachings Of The Book Of Job
--------XCIX. The Training And Mission Of The True Servant Of Jehovah
--------C. Nehemiah’s Work In Rebuilding The Walls Of Jerusalem
--------CI. Nehemiah’s Social And Religious Reforms
--------C.II. The Traditional Account Of The Adoption Of The Priestly Law
--------CIII. The Jewish State During The Last Century Of Persian Rule
----The Greek And Maccabean Age
--------CIV. The Jews Under Their Greek Rulers
--------CV. The Wise And Their Teachings
--------CVI. The Different Currents Of Thought In Judaism During The Greek Period
--------CVII. The Teachings Of Jesus The Son Of Sirach
--------CVIII. The Causes Of The Maccabean Struggle
--------CIX. The Effect Of Persecution On The Jews
--------CX. The Victories That Gave The Jews Religious Liberty
--------CXI. The Long Contest For Political Independence
--------CXII. Peace And Prosperity Under Simon
--------CXIII. The Rule Of John Hyrcanus And Aristobulus
--------CXIV. The Pharisees, Sadducees, And Essenes
--------CXV. The Life And Faith Of The Jews Of The Dispersion
--------CXVI. The Decline Of The Maccabean Kingdom
----The Rule Of Rome
--------CXVII. The Rise Of The Herodian House
--------CXVIII. Herod’s Policy And Reign
--------CXIX. Herod’s Temple
--------CXX. The Messianic Hopes And The Religious Beliefs Of Judaism
----Appendix I: A Practical Reference Library
----Appendix II: General Questions And Subjects For Special Research

Volume 5: The Life And Teachings Of Jesus: According To The Earliest Records
----Introduction: The Records Of The Life And Teachings Of Jesus
--------The Records Outside The Gospels
--------The Contents And Characteristics Of The Four Gospels
--------The Written Sources Underlying The Gospels
--------The Literary History And Date Of The Gospels
--------The Historical Background Of Jesus’ Life And Work
----The Early Life And Work Of Jesus
--------CXXI. Jesus’ Birth, Boyhood, And Early Training
--------CXXII. The Personality And Teaching Of John The Baptist
--------CXXIII. Jesus’ Baptism And Temptation
--------CXXIV. Jesus And John The Baptist
--------CXXV. Jesus’ Early Work In Galilee
--------CXXVI. Jesus’ Popularity And The Beginning Of The Pharisaic Opposition
--------CXXVII. The Gospel Miracles
--------CXXVIII. The Call And Training Of Jesus’ Disciples
----Jesus’ Fundamental Teachings
--------CXXIX. The Aims And Methods Of The Great Teacher
--------CXXX. God’s Attitude Toward Men
--------CXXXI. Man’s Attitude Toward God
--------CXXXII. The Kingdom Of God
--------CXXXIII. The Obligations Of Citizenship In The Kingdom Of God
--------CXXXIV. Man’s Duties To His Neighbor And To Himself
--------CXXXV. Man’s Responsibility To Society
--------CXXXVI. The Rewards Of The Christian Life
--------CXXXVII. The Crisis In Galilee
--------CXXXVIII. Jesus In Retirement With His Disciples
--------CXXXIX. Incidents Of The Last Journey To Jerusalem
--------CXL. The Renewal Of Jesus’ Public Activity In Jerusalem
--------CXLI. Jesus’ Preparations For His Death
--------CXLII. Jesus’ Arrest And Trial
--------CXLIII. Jesus’ Death And Burial
--------CXLIV. The Living Christ
--------CXLV. Jesus The Saviour Of Mankind
----Appendix I: A Practical Reference Library
----Appendix II: General Questions And Subjects For Special Research

Volume 6: The Work And Teachings Of The Apostles
----Introduction: The Records And Background Of The Apostolic Age
--------The Records Of The Work And Teachings Of The Apostles
--------The Historical And Religious Background Of The Apostolic Age
----Primitive Christianity In Palestine And Syria
--------CXLVI. The Origin Of The Jerusalem Christian Community
--------CXLVII. The Life Of The Primitive Christian Community
--------CXLVIII. The Work And Death Of Stephen
--------CXLIX. The Expansion Of Christianity After The Death Of Stephen
----Paul’s Work And Teachings
--------CL. Paul’s Early Training And Conversion
--------CLI. Paul’s First Missionary Campaign
--------CLII. The Breaking Of Jewish Bonds
--------CLIII. Paul’s Second Visit And Later Letter To The Churches Of Galatia
--------CLIV. Paul’s Missionary Work In Macedonia
--------CLV. Paul’s Letters To The Christians At Thessalonica
--------CLVI. Paul’s Work At Athens And Corinth
--------CLVII. Paul’s Correspondence With The Corinthian Church
--------CLVIII. Paul’s Principles Of Christian Living
--------CLIX. Paul’s Ministry At Ephesus
--------CLX. Paul’s Interpretation Of Jesus’ Saving Work
--------CLXI. Paul’s Social Teachings
--------CLXII. Paul’s Last Journey To Jerusalem
--------CLXIII. The Ambassador In Bonds
--------CLXIV. The Last Letters Of The Aged Prisoner
----Christianity During The Second Half Of The First Century
--------CLXV. The Message Of Hope And Inspiration In I Peter
--------CLXVI. The Early Christian Sermon In Hebrews
--------CLXVII. The Visions Of The Ultimate Victory Of Christianity In The Book Of Revelation
--------CLXVIII. The Christian Wisdom Of The Epistle Of James
--------CLXIX. The Rule Of Love In The Early Christian Church
----Appendix I: A Practical Reference Library
----Appendix II: General Questions And Subjects For Special Research

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