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  • Author: W W Fereday
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  • Tab Name: Elisha the Prophet by W W Fereday

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W W Fereday

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3.x - 4.x

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Elisha the Prophet by W W Fereday

The Scriptures abound with records of the lives of saints who have gone before us. These are "written for our learning" (Rom_15:4), and God would have us ponder what His Spirit has written concerning them. We are apt, however, to move in a world of unreality as we read these records. It is meant by this that we are apt to think of the worthies of old time as persons cast in an altogether different mould to ourselves. We are expressly guarded against this in Jam_5:17. There we are told concerning one of the mightiest of the prophets that "Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are." Therefore we dare not excuse ourselves if we discover upon examination that we are living upon a lower spiritual plane than the saints of Bible times. What was possible for them in the way of suffering and testimony is possible for us also. It is simply a question of faith in God.

Some may wonder why neither Elijah nor Elisha have a place in Heb_11:1-40. The reason is that "Hebrews" is a wilderness epistle and it contemplates the saints as pilgrims ever on the move towards the rest of God. Thus the writer traces the working of faith in various individuals until Israel eat red the land. Then he ceases to particularize, for the Spirit's end had been attained.

The Lord grant that these meditations upon Elisha the prophet may yield spiritual profit to many.

Table of Contents

Elijah's Successor
The Call to Service
The Double Portion
The New Cruse
Scoffers Judged
The Three Kings
The Pot of Oil
The Shunammite
Death in the Pot
The Firstfruits
Naaman, the Syrian
Is It a Time to Receive?
The Iron Did Swim
God and the Kings
Chariots of Fire
The Lesson of War
The Four Lepers
The Returned Shunammite
Ministers of Wrath
The Lesson of the Arrows
Life Out of Death

W. W. Fereday was born in England in 1863, was saved at 16 and almost immediately started to preach.

He spent the whole of his life in the study and exposition of the Scripture of Truth, travelled extensively and spent a considerable time in Scotland and the continent of Europe. He was a faithful expositor of the Word of God. He knew no fear and never compromised for one moment, one could not help but love him.

He lived for many years in Rothesay, Scotland, and the last five years of his life at Machermore Eventide Home, Scotland, from where he went to be with the Lord at the age of 96.

He was of a worthy kind - John Nelson Darby - William Kelly - William Woldridge Fereday. Brother Fereday always had two life size portraits of these two revered men of God in his large study; he knew them both personally and they were guides to him in his early formative years.

Many lovers of the Scriptures have spent long hours immersing themselves in the writings of J. N. Darby and have found them at first reading almost beyond understanding. However, after further reading, the truth conveyed gradually shone through and one could grasp the writer's meaning and then would gladly acknowledge that what he wrote was undoubtedly worth the effort and I hasten to add, a very sweet portion.

However W W Fereday was different. Precise, accurate, lucid, brief; he was as succinct in his written ministry as in his public addresses. One of his favourite expressions was "I do not give lectures, I state facts". He never wasted a word, wrote in the briefest possible way, taught the same truths as J.N.D. and W.K. but in a language that was simple, interesting, and often thrilling; in fact just in the form that young Christians will appreciate today.

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